[IC] GMK Phosphorous (added packaging design draft)



Meine Damen und Herren, Mesdames et Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen…

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to GMK Phosphorous, a set I have been working on for these past few weeks.


One day, not long ago, I was browsing RAMA WORKS’ website, contemplating the M60-A in Moon, and I took a closer look at their renders. It had a simple grey and blueish-cyan keycap set, which I immediately fancied. Since RAMA and I were DM-ing back and forth about my M60-A Moon pre-order, I asked about the set. Turned out that it was just a render and they suggested I just go make it myself. I started mocking up the set that same evening.

The Moon colour on the M60-A from RAMA WORKS is a cool grey which I really fancy but the icing on the cake was the phosphor filled enamel product code and RAMA logo. These two colours inspired my own colour choices.


I wanted to make GMK Phosphorous as affordable as possible, while retaining the character of the set I had imagined, hence I dropped the NumPad from the Core kit. I also decided to skip a separate Novelties set, deciding to go down the minimalistic route and include a select few unique keys in the Core kit itself.


My inspiration was based solely on the M60-A Moon. Yes, I realise there are similar looking keycap sets out there, “but this one is mine” (as they say, meaning that I did not use them for inspiration). I was actually working on another set (which I put on hold) because I fell in love with this colourway.

Huge Hugs

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who helped me with everything from choosing colours, to pointing me in the right direction, to supporting my idea and helping me not give up. In alphabetical order (apart from Yuliia at the top, because she’s had to endure a lot of PMs from me!):

  • NecrowomanX
  • Abec13
  • ISO_Returns
  • Janglad
  • Langelandia
  • NecromanX
  • Oblotzky
  • Oldcat
  • Ryan

I humbly apologise if I forgot to include anyone!


Rendered by Oblotzky

Think6.5° in Tiffany Teal
Rendered by Abec13


Pantone’s Cool Gray 11 C should be exactly one shade darker than the Moon grey that RAMA uses (Cool Gray 10 C), introducing subtle contrast between the two.







P.S. This is my first IC ever, running a set which I am absolutely in love with, which I cannot believe (but I hope nonetheless) will ever make it to GB stage, so the stress is insane. Please do let me know if I made a mistake somewhere.

The 1st interest check form is now closed: https://forms.gle/XpcUsm8gd3cSjGmb6



  • Europe — MyKeyboard.eu
  • USA — TBA
  • Asia / Oceania — Still looking…


2019/06/06, 10:12:

  • Changed NumPad → Num in NumPad kit.
  • Added 1u Shift to R4 of 40s/Ortho kit.

2019/06/07, 13:24:

2019/06/09, 10:15:

  • Added new renders by Abec13 of GMK Phosphorous on Think6.5° by Oldcat.

2019/06/10, 11:00:

  • Updated Core kit with accented arrow keys.
  • Updated 40s/Ortho kit.
  • Added new NorDEUK Kit.

2019/06/11, 10:24:

  • Added vendors.

2019/06/31, 20:00:


Looks great. I especially like the subtle novelty caps.


I like it a lot. I never got Sky and Ocean Dolch to mix them, but I really liked the idea of it. I dig this blue, too. I would rather have color accent arrows than the dot novelty caps, personally.


I will consider accent arrow keys. Did you put them in the IC form by any chance (good place not to lose stuff :grin:)?


I did now :slight_smile:


Cheers and thanks!


This is beautiful! Best of luck with the GB!


Thank you! I’ll need it!


question, isn’t phosphorus just white? Should the set be Phosphorescence? I think that’s what you are going for, right, the photoluminescence/bioluminescence glow effect?

IDK, maybe that’s too wordy though



Phosphorus denotes the chemical element (with the symbol P and the atomic number 15) present in a few types of minerals found on Earth. It comes from a Latin word for morning star, and it is so named because it glows when exposed to oxygen.1

Phosphorous (note the o in the last syllable) is an adjective meaning (1) of, relating to, or containing phosphorus, and (2) of or relating to phosphor (phosphor being a general term for various luminescent substances).2 In its first sense, phosphorous is synonymous with phosphoric.


[…] we should probably just consider phosphorous an alternative spelling of phosphorus.

Basically, the name was supposed to refer to the fact that the M60-A Moon has phosphor-filled enamel on the weight.


This is stunning.



2019/06/06, 10:12:

  • Changed NumPad → Num in NumPad kit.
  • Added 1u Shift to R4 of 40s/Ortho kit.

Kit renders updated to reflect changes.


Definitely will get in on this.


2019/06/07, 13:24:

2019/06/09, 10:15:

  • Added new renders by Abec13 of GMK Phosphorous on Think6.5° by Oldcat.


New renders by Abec13 of GMK Phosphorous on Oldcat’s Think6.5° in Tiffany Teal…

As you may have noticed, Abec13 rendered accented arrows in a few of his renders, despite this not being part of the my vision of GMK Phosphorous. I know some of you have suggested adding them so at this point, I am really tempted to do so.

Here are my ideas:

  1. Add to Core, change nothing else.
  2. Add to Spacebars, since there’s an accented Spacebar in there too.
  3. Add to Core, move ISO keys to NumPad, expand ISO with more keys (only 16% of total potential buyers are currently interested in the NumPad kit) — this would help NumPad reach MOQ.

I’d love some feedback.


Yes to the arrows and space bar. Also the the enter and escape looked sharp as accents too. If goal is to keep cost down, perhaps take accents out of Base and have a small child kit of accents. I’d probably buy 2 extra accent kits alone to use with some black pbt sets.

This is still a must buy for me with or without accents.


looking good, looking good. Add arrow accents to spacebars is good with me.



2019/06/10, 11:00:



2019/06/11, 10:24:

  • Added vendors.


  • Europe — MyKeyboard.eu
  • USA — TBA
  • Asia / Oceania — Still looking…


Will hopefully have some news tomorrow. And will go through your suggestions. I already addressed one of them.