[IC] GMK Pono (IC Form Added)

Hey! Welcome to the GMK PONO Interest Check - A Soft IC

Before attempting an IC, I reached out to both Olivia and Nat (Minterly) to see if this was okay and clear the colors.

Pono is a combination of Pink and Mono, which coincidentally is also this mischievous kitteh’s name. Pono is grey kitteh with a pink button nose

Calling it a soft IC for now, because I have not fully invested in renders and time, the kits are also still in development (mainly base kit, and some novelty adjustments), so they are subject to change.
Olivia ran recently, so people might not be into something like this. Looking for some feedback / interest, before making this official, and diving in.

Kits - Stock Colors 3C-N9

Meow is this something you might be interested in?

Interest Check Form

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I personally like the colorway and I’m a fan of the cat theme– but like you mentioned, Olivia ran in December and it’s very similar so I’m not sure if this would be the time to run it.
Also, for feedback, I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the novelties as pink on black.

It takes a little while for a GMK set to get to GB, and then even longer to ship. So I doubt it will be running any time soon.

I made the highlight kit grey on pink for that purpose, otherwise I’m not sure I’ll be looking to add accent novelties, but will see. Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

This is cute. Would you consider adding some of the “cat sound” themed keys from novelties to some of the mods? Such as replacing Ctrl/Alt/Super in 1.5/1.25u with those? I guess the idea was to have those keys take up the side column of a 65%/75% board but otherwise don’t really seem to fit in to other layouts such as 60%.

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Hey man, I’m pretty into this colorway, it’s a really nice looking set and I don’t have any pink gmk sets so I would definitely go for it. Two things tho:

  1. Maybe I just live under a rock over here, but what actually is the theme? Is it a cat cartoon character or something?
  2. Any chance to ditch the numpad in the base kit?

I really like the novelties!

paging @RayginAsian on these

Thanks! Novelties can be used on sides, top row, stepped caps, and enters. No promises or anything, but definitely considering your suggestion, have to see how feasible it is.

Hey! I’m actually hyped to read you’re into this! Thanks!

There is no actual character called Pono or anything, just something for the set. It is loosely based on my old roomie’s beautiful Russian Blue, who was a grey chonky adorable kitteh.

Not sure about ditching the numpad with this set, for now. I understand it reduces the base cost a bit, but I think I’d like to keep it in.

@Nebulant Thank you! :slight_smile:

Ahhh okay I felt like I was missing a reference or something, nice! I’ll definitely keep an eye for it coming up

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Those novelties are great.
I own a mini poodle with that gey/black fur, the paw novelties melt me haha

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I don’t understand why the cat outline logo character doesn’t have that pink button nose as the sole defining feature. Would that break up the design too much, or be too small to be legible?

Thought about adding the nose to novelties, not sure if it’s technically possible for the nose to be detailed enough on a key. The way it’s currently set up on the iso / numpad enter, wouldn’t really make sense to just add a nose, would have to re work the tail as well, as he has his back turned to us on the keys, being the aloof kitteh that he can be sometimes, or maybe checking out some birbs through a window on his favorite sunny ledge. You can see the nose on the larger graphics / branding.

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IC form added to OP :+1:

Inta-buying that deskmat for my wife.