[IC] GMK Prepress - Group buy has started!

@iaman You got valid points! I currently used 300 x 900 desk mat on my desk, and I felt 40 cm (height) is better, while 90 cm width is just fine for design-related work and/or gaming.

30 x 70 cm or 61.0 cm x 35.6 cm definitely fits smaller desks, I wouldn’t mind having that size either. At least I can use them as play mat for Magic:The Gathering on Friday Nights!


I would exclude arrows from the poster kit. The coloured keys dont align with the rest and imo it looks kinda messy this way. Id rather add a cyan esc key.

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That’s already included in the base kit

@m00nkeyboy Several changes are being reworked, additions/changes within each kits are being made, and one of them is that I agree those colored arrows keys on Poster Kit will be removed because exactly what you and other friend of mine just said: They don’t align with the rest of the concept.

Stay tuned, and I promise I’ll do my best to proactively update!

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My bad

This is DOPE. I love the theme


03/11/2020 Update

After much consultation with vendors, friends, experts, there will be a MAJOR change for the initial kits.
Base kit is now much simple, less pricy than the previous design: During talking with vendors, the initial base kit’s custom colors and all the custom modifier texts are driving the price up by a large margin and we believe it will hinder some or most people who likes the overall theme to actually buy the set. The most logical solution is to keep the base kit as simple as possible by splitting the colored text modifiers into a child kit (Separation Kit). This is compensated by accents on the base kit that still maintain the overall Prepress theme.

RAL colors have replaced ALL the Pantone Colors previously proposed, and I like how the new CMY colors turned out, I sincerely hoped those of you who’s into this set feel the same way too!

Novelties, Poster Alphas are amongst the most untouched/unrevised kits, along with the 40s and split (which i’m unsure it will hit MOQ after the GB ends)
This is the base alphas color (compared to GMK’s 2B color). It looks very close to the renders (even better IMO

RAL COLORS, GMK CR - Grey: RAL Alumunium Grey - Cyan: RAL Sky Blue - Magenta: RAL Telemagenta - Yellow: RAL Sulfur Yellow - Black = GMK CR

Thank you and do let me know how you think about these changes!


This is very nice except for the custom colors.
It’s very rare that they come out as expected. Are the standard colors so different from the prepress colors?

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Thanks, g_pnw! Deskmats are still tentative, as I am still preparing for the renders of finalized kits (most probably before the end of this month).

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If there will be a international kit, this might be my first GMK. :thinking:

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None at this moment, sorry!

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Updated kits are up in the opening post!

They look so good! Gotta get this set. I want three.

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Finally, pricings and GB date are up!
Asia vendor still waiting for their response.

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This will be the first (and likely last) keyset for which I purchase every single kit.

Coming soon: my classified posts to fund this set. :sweat_smile:


Asia Vendor: zFrontier


TBA (still waiting for reply): RAMA Artisan keycap

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If only there were a NorDe -kit :confused: instead I’m about to spend 300$ on GMK Laser :grimacing:

Group buy/pre-order starts!

Links for vendors in the opening post (updating now)


There’s bags, too‽ And they look like this‽



Yes, that is the keyboard sleeve!

Once the sample/prototype is finished, real photos/pics will be published.
Manufacturer link: https://ycpkeyboards.id/pages/collaborations

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