[IC] GMK Prepress - Group buy has started!

Group buy is live!

Greetings Keebtalk Community! I present you IC for GMK Prepress, a keyset that brings you the purest form of offset print colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK). I believe this set will give your whole keyboard layout a retro yet modern look as well as wide range of compability to a lot of keyboard case colors (black, grey, e-white, e-yellow, etc.)

US: Kono Store
EU: Mykeyboards.eu
Asia: zFrontier
Oceania: DailyClack

Base kit price $149.99

Separation kit price: $49.99

Poster alphas price: $69.99

Tradition kit price: $34.99

Novelties kit price: $59.99

Overruns kit price: $29.99

MOQ Base kit: 250 kits
MOQ Other kits: 100 kits

Many thanks to @Manofinterests (Huey) for his idea of adding the Tradition kit!

The colors chosen for this keyset are as follow:

  • Black: GMK CR - modifiers and legends
  • Cyan: RAL Sky Blue - R1 colorway
  • Magenta: Ral Telemagenta - R2 colorway
  • Yellow: Ral Sulfur Yellow - R3 colorway
  • Grey: RAL Alumunium Grey - alpha colors and modifier legends

US: Kono Store
EU: Mykeyboards.eu
Oceania: Dailyclack
Asia: zFrontier

Other Renders on Satisfaction75 keyboard:

IC Forms
Google form: https://forms.gle/eGYdotWV4Dghcbta7 (will be closed at the end of June 2020)

Discord server: HHDailo
Discord PM: rkristia79#1473
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rayhhdailo/

Notes and notable Qs
I will try my best to answer related questions from this community!

Changes, Other Notes
07/07/2020 - Pricings, and GB date
06/19/2020 - Finalizing kit
03/11/2020 - Updating the Core Kit Revisions/Overhaul


Excellent to see, and welcome! This seems like a very neat idea and I’d love to see additional renders or mock ups including the other accent colors and which potential keys would get them. Also nice would be your idea of how you intend to structure the sets, whether you’re offering ortho for example, or international, etc.

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Interesting/odd that you refer to both pantone and RAL colors. GMK Works in RAL, so I think your best bet would be to find the RAL equivalents to those pantones so it will be easier for GMK to actually find colors for the plastic.

The idea is an interesting one :thinking:

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I’m not a mega fan of the yellow on light grey. It’s a weird contrast. I like the rest of it, though.

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Thanks @kimslawson, there is actually more renders and mock ups, I wasn’t allowed to post them in this thread. I already made IC on both Drop and GH, be sure to check them out! TL/DR: The Core Set offers 60% to 1800-style layout compatibility as well as some keys to cover ‘unique’ layout.

Thanks Huey! I have the Pantone color chips in hand to see how the CMY colors will look like off-screen (I took a photo on my IC thread in GH). However, I currently don’t have any RAL reference to start off with all RAL colors.

Meanwhile, The black color (CR) is chosen upon consideration of how it can be mixed and matched several other GMK keysets that uses CR too.

Other had doubts too about the Y on Grey legibility/readability, but I can assure you the Y colored legend contrast over Aluminium Grey (estimate of 60% Black on CMYK printing mode) is still legible and readable.

Hopefully you’ll love it more once you see the rest of the renders :slight_smile:

Edit January 8, 2020: Thread updated!


Set looked great, and now the poster kit is 100% A++ great. Very nice work. I hope the colors really pop this well on the finished product.

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I’m the total opposite, would love a full set of the grey/yellow combo!


Oh snap. Prepress guy here - I must have this.

:smiley: Pleeease doooo iiiiitt

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I like the Poster kit, but would love to see it with black base and colored legends.

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It’s a nice idea, has a lil much going on for me though, I would worry about the different colors on the mods, I got metropolis and didnt like it at all irl, but people seem to like it so maybe that was just me. The kit with the colored stripes is a cool idea too, but i feel like it looks a lil odd to have the z row and spacebar the same color when all the rest are different.

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One of the place that inspired me for GMK Prepress is Poster House Inc. (located in NYC).

If you happen to be in the area, this place is worth a visit (kids friendly as well)!


Below is the comparison between GMK CMYK and the Pantone Color Chips:

along with other yellow keycaps

My personal evaluation (please take it lightly):

  • Cyan and Magenta are both far different from GMK’s
  • Pantone Yellow C is slightly brighter compared to GMK’s, but the density of color is slightly lesser, IMO will be a bit less striking compared to GMK’s.

All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with the color choice at the moment! Meanwhile, a deskmat design:

Hope you guys like it!


Aah wow that deskmat is sick!! Honestly I might pick up the set exclusively to match the deskmat. I’m floored.


Thank you! I have 2 or 3 more deskmat designs in mind, such as this one (still WIP):

Meanwhile, I have contacted vendors for approval, pricing, schedule and more. The proposed kits are not entirely “locked in” yet and I’m still open for suggestions on what’s in or out on the layout, etc. Will try my best not to overlook crucial/important suggestions from the community!


Love it! I haven’t been this hyped for a set in years. Definitely gonna have to get that mat.

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I need 300x700! Is there any way you can find a way to offer this smaller size? Begging.

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How comes only 6.25u CMY spacebars in the Novelty kit, no love for 7u :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:? Although if you do go with stock GMK colors those bars are pretty easy to get, I believe Oco has them in stock.

@pixelpusher is 300 x 700 mm size of large mouse pad? Currently have no plan to offer small sized desk mat. However, I might give you a file of 300 x 700mm file for you to make your own if you wish (after the group buy ended, should it went well :slight_smile: )

@Rob27shred Let’s see what happens during the last week of group buy, if the amount of purchase exceeds the expectation I may create a poll on which keys should be added into one of the kits.


That would be great!

300x700 is kind of a mid-size; I’ve noticed it on a few deskpads but not all, so it seems like something a designer has to ask for rather than the options you’re likely to get if you just reach out about running a deskpad buy.

I think it’s worth asking about it, as the 400x900 size feels almost comically large to me even with a TKL, numpad, and mouse.

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