What order are you most excited to have arrive?

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@TaehaTypes thanks!

My Quefrency V2 will be here Friday. I want o e of the P3D cases to go with it, just not sure on the color yet. What case did you get?

Hopefully getting a Drop high profile Alt on Friday, and a bunch of Halo switches… waiting…

Ye, P3D in Carbon fiber. No clue how that will look. :upside_down_face:
Are there any other cases available for it?

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The carbon fiber is one of the options I’m considering as well. I’m a bit confused as to wether it’s a color or a whole different material though? I like the matte look to it.

I think there are files online for an acrylic layered case as well. Not sure of anyone is making it for sale though. I have a P3D cases on my Quefrency V1 and it’s really nice.

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Well if it’s real carbon fiber with the square pattern I will be super happy. But since there is no extra price for it my bet is no… Feels like I ordered a Schrodinger. :joy:

Holy Pandas! Merely 11 calendar days after dispatch from the US it’s virtually here!

I actually passed the DHL van when I needed to go out this afternoon, and missed the delivery only by a few minutes. Need to pick it up tomorrow.

Weird one for this topic, but I got some foam for it thinking it’d be a fun project and now on Friday I’m supposed to be getting a replacement case for my (original run) Massdrop CTRL from their recent run of new cases for their Drop CTRL (with the diffusion layer pack-in that allows you to use the old board).

The board is in semi-retirement right now, and won’t be my daily driver after I have my Electrotype 87 built, but I’m looking forward to getting the case so I can take the thing apart and make it a little bit better of a playground for my frankenswitching (or at least a bit less of a pingy mess that can only really handle silent switches).

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Tonight I can add to this topic: I’ve ordered a modern model F77 from @Ellipse!

cringes in buckling spring. Squee!

Assuming I’ve added all the correct doodads, it should resemble this KLE mockup.


Oh my. I’m waiting on some keycaps I bought on the market. First time and I’m quite anxious about it. Will I get em all or is it just 300€ in the sea. :grimacing:

THERMAL … after so many months :drooling_face: it’s almost here, and of course the Heavy Grail :raised_hands:


At this point… probably the P.02 and GMK Prepress - really glad that GB ended up happening.


I’m exited for the GMK lunar keyset I ordered a long time ago.
Also ordered KAM wraith and KAT Arctic, can’t wait to receive them :wink:

So at last it will come out…
Will you give us your thoughts on this keyboard?

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Exactly, waiting always hurts, but it should be rewarding. I will share the experience here on keebtalk (will be built with Zilents V2) :slight_smile:

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Same, waiting for mine as well

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Sweet, congrats! Our happiness is close, next month! :vulcan_salute: Stay strong, lol

I don’t currently have anything coming in the mail (not for a while now due to the current economy) but my entire keyboard order from KBDfans which had my PCB, case, plate, etc. all in one was definitely my most exciting order. The week leading up to the order was one of my most positive and productive weeks since I knew what was coming eventually.

Finally going to try a Fjell, woot! Should ship from 1Up this week.

I just sold my Brutal60 and while I am sure the Fjell cannot match the typing feel of the Brutal60 - I always felt that the Brutal60 had a hollow feeling, overly light, with very soft metal and anodization.

Question is do I go the lazy route and use Holy Pandas on a hot swap PCB, or do I put in the time and effort to finally use the Amber Alps that I have sitting my desk drawer…

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I can’t wait for a G80-1600 case and a programmable PCB to arrive :slight_smile: I see an awesome build somewhere in the near future…