[IC] GMK Purple Dragon - New Renders 3/15/2019

Hey there,

Giving this set one more round of interest check to see any feedback that the community may have.

While the general trend for keysets right now seems to be a more subdued and refined look, I would like to introduce something disgustingly contrary to that.

This set is based off of the classic video game character Spyro the Dragon. I remember as a kid always wanting to play Spyro on my mom’s friend’s PS1 because I thought there was nothing cooler than gliding around as a freaking purple dragon. This set is all about capturing that nostalgic feeling.

The alphas are purple to represent the retro character’s purple scales while the modifiers are a vibrant orange for two reasons. Spyro the Dragon on PS1’s cover art features a gorgeous orange in fire underlining Spyro’s name, and in the final installment of Spyro (Dawn of the Dragon) his wings were a beautiful orange. The bonus enter and escape keys are there to represent Spyro’s best friend and dragonfly, Sparx.

I was conscious when designing this set to use GMK stock colors (orange - V2, purple - DY, yellow - CV) to keep costs down and create a more predictable outcome with the colors. All suggestions welcome except for “tone it down”. Purple and orange have no chill.

It looks like this.


I like to see something with bold colors!

So yeah, this has my attention!

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So, I had my thread on this IC necroed on Geekhack and get a couple of votes on the MD poll, so I got curious if the community is softening to the idea of a louder set again. And a part of me still really wants this project to happen as I’ve had the idea for this for about 2ish years now.

Wanted to bring this back up here now that Keebtalk has a more active community than it did when I originally posted this. So, consider IC for this set that I don’t want to let die yet reopen.

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I dig it! The colors are a bit loud, although I get the feeling that’s the ideal behind this set LOL! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It actually has a DBZ vibe to it IMO. Anyways GL with this, I’d definitely consider picking up a set if it makes it to GB! :metal:

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Ha, never thought about it, but you’re kinda right. Flip the orange with the purple, and make the purple a dark blue, and then I’m basically at Goku’s training gi.

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super interesting. maybe not my thing, but i can definetly appreciate a bold keyset.

This is certainly an interesting set. I do think that you could cut down on some costs by removing the windows keys, given that you already have code keys!

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Because it’s been around a year since I’ve examined the caps in this set, yours and a few comments got me thinking. Code will be coming out for super, but I don’t want to lose the Windows icon key because I do like how they look, and I tend to use them more than any alternative. Giving the super key as a platform agnostic alternative.

HOWEVER, I do have some thoughts around saving cost. I really like what Zambumon is doing with Jamón with the idea of a core kit and various addons so that people only buy what they need.

My proposed sets would be as follows:

  • Base kit

  • Numpad kit

  • ISO kit

  • Alternates Kit

Putting together the updated kits as I type this.

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Potential layout and kit update.

I can see the reactions to this going one of two ways:

  1. Why are you breaking apart kits when MOQ for the base may be hard to reach OR
  2. Yes, this is a better approach because I hate paying for keys I don’t use.

After constantly thinking I have too many keys I don’t use in GMK sets and seeing how Zambumon broke out Jamón as well as the typical SA kit buying model, I want to introduce the idea of a more modular version of this set.

Base Kit:

Numpad Kit:


ISO Kit:

Alternates Kit:

Let me know your thoughts on this concept because I’m actually pretty excited about this. I have also trimmed out some keys that were included in the overall set as well because I think I was trying a bit too hard to get every layout anyone requested last time I was working on this actively.

Bottom line is this updated kit should cover MOST boards without blowing out cost. If there are any glaring omissions in the set, please let me know. Otherwise, this is the final version of what I’ll look to include in the overall set.

Additional things to note:

  • The dot 5 on the numpad is switched to a bar.
  • Code keys are gone. I’m now using Super.
  • Added an option for an all orange or all purple F row via the alternates kit.
  • Scrapping the idea for novelties because of the expanded alternates kit and because it’ll add a cost I’m not really wanting to add as well as the complexity of designing it.

Getting feedback on the Geekhack thread that is along the lines of what I was thinking about splitting kits.

In short: This set is niche, MOQ will he hard to reach on kits.

Point well taken on that, and I will again put all kits into one set, but this did give the added benefit of me revisiting the caps I was including in the set. So, still a good exercise to go through.

TL;DR: Back to one kit with everything included, but with the updates I made to the set.

Based on feedback and above comment. This is the set composed of all kits into one monster kit.

I’m down for this

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Thanks! Also, hoping to have something cool for all of you in the coming weeks.

I liked the ideal of splitting the kits, although I do get why you’re opting back in on a whole set now. This set will be a little niche so it does makes sense to just make it all in one. I think the most recent revision of the set looks pretty good & will cover most boards out there. The only other keys I’d really like to see is an alt. arrow set in the purple on yellow, but that’s probably not that feasible with an all one kit like this. Overall though I am still really liking this colorway & would be down for a set!

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Definitely wish the split out kit idea would work because that’d let me add more stuff like the arrows you mentioned. I think the hardest part about this has been deciding what absolutely stays and absolutely goes in a single unified kit.

Hoping that the majority of potential group buy members are satisfied with what the kit has.

Thanks for the support, bud!

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I have received an updated render from GMK with the final version of the set (minus the tweak for caps lock legends I’ll mention in a second).

First, here is the pretty picture.

I will be changing the caps lock legend from the “purse” icon to the text “Caps Lock” based on feedback I received and the general sentiment I’ve seen in the community at large in other sets. That will be the final change to the set, and I’m locking in the set after that so long as no major compatibility issues are spotted.

I have reached out to GMK with this final change and noted the only thing that may differ in the future is if I decide to do a novelty key for the set. I go back and forth on this idea because I don’t want to infringe on any trademarks or copyright laws, and I also would want a novelty to have meaning for the set instead of a “just because” thing that adds cost.

Also, have some other cool visual thing cooking for you all. I’ll post when it’s available.


Today is the day to share the treat I’ve been excited about.

Huge thanks to Oblotzky for creating all of the renders I’m about to post

Black Andromeda

Moon U80

Haze M60

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Yusss. As an alumnus of a certain university, I gotta say that these colors are on point and this set is an insta-buy.

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Ah, nice! That makes you my neighbor to the south.