[IC] GMK Silver Arrows

I’m going to start this off by saying that I have never designed run an interest check before for anything. However, I felt that this is just too good a concept to pass up, so I’ll start here. All feedback is appreciated, as well as any offers of assistance!

Also, this is a crosspost from Geekhack.

GMK Silver Arrows celebrates the current Formula 1 Constructor’s Champion, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport!

Color assignment is currently uncertain, but the only custom color for now is the Petronas background color/accent background which is Pantone 321 C. The black is CR, the white is WS1, and the gray is 2B. The colors are actually based on the cars from 2013-2018, not the current car, which has more complex coloring and textures. The gray and black scheme should suit a variety of boards. Note: the silvery color is an artifact of the rendering.

I am getting in contact with Mercedes-AMG F1 in order to determine whether some of their designs can be licensed for use as novelties. Personally, I’m not big on novelties, but here are some ideas:

  • The Mercedes roundel (will need licensing)
  • AMG logo (will need licensing)
  • 44 (Lewis Hamilton’s car number), 77 (Valtteri Bottas), 6 (Nico Rosberg)
  • Perhaps a rear view of a Formula 1 car, as in the banner
  • Helmet (as suggested by xondat on Geekhack)
  • Checkered flag (as suggested by m00nkeyboy)
  • Pit/box key (as suggested by m00nkeyboy)

Licensed designs would be a wonderful addition, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too high and rely on this to be able to run the set.

As for alternate legends, I’d like to include “Tactics” keys as an Enter replacement, as well as “Pole” keys to complement the Win keys.

Below is a keyboard render, courtesy of keycaprenders.com:

If you’re interested, here is the interest check form!


Great job on getting the concept and some renders up front!


Yes please.

Some more suggestions for novelties if wanted:

A checkered flag, a pittstop key, a vitage silhouette (should be free of licence bc of age)

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Thanks for the ideas! Checkered flag would work amazingly with this set’s white on black keys, as well as a “Box” key (maybe as an Escape replacement?) I’m especially interested in alternate legends, as any future racing themed keycap sets would benefit from those molds existing.

What do you mean by vintage silhouette? Of a vintage F1 or Grand Prix car, like the W25? (Unfortunately Mercedes has a big gap in its racing history from 1955 to 1994 due to the Le Mans disaster)

I think you should go for non-licensed novelties that have to do with racing instead (checkered flag, starting lights, etc). Will probably be a bit easier to work with than trying to communicate an extremely niche idea to an extremely large company hehe.


To be clear, I certainly want to see if I can make licensed novelties possible, but I’m not absolutely reliant on that happening. Getting more general molds made would also be a benefit to future F1 themed keycap sets.

That being said, Mercedes is pretty solid with their fan interaction, so I’m hoping that makes it easier to make progress on licensing.


This colorway is amazing! I’m not a big race fan, but do know a great colorway when I see one & this is one! The licensed novelties would really tie the set up with a bow nicely given the theme, but with or without licensed novelties I think this will sell like hotcakes! :+1:

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Just checking in on this. Hows your project comming along?


I got super busy with grad school, so I had to temporarily shelve the project. I might be able to continue with this come December.