[IC] GMK Sparta

Presenting GMK Sparta,

The Spartans were some of the fiercest warriors of the ancient world,
the sound of their name alone caused fear in the hearts of their enemies.
However they were not only known for their prowess in the battlefield
but for their way of life as well.They led simple lives devoted to harsh training
in order to become soldiers of one of the greatest armies ever to walk the earth.

This set aims to capture the spirit of Sparta through the elegant yet striking colors
while staying historically true to their color palette.

The base kit provides a good amount of compatibility covering layouts such as 60/HHKB,65,75 and TKL while providing accent spacebars for those who want to spice up the look
without buying an extra kit.

The novelties include the tools that every Spartans life consists of.With an array
of great designs made by the amazing u/OneCreativeMind it’s sure to cover all your
needs when out on the battlefield.

Now grab your shields,extend your spears and always remember

ἢ τὰν ἢ ἐπὶ τᾶς … (come back with your shield or on it)

The Kits:

Base Kit:


Mono Greek:

Mixed Greek:


More renders:





Prices: TBA

Please fill out this IC form if you’re interested : https://forms.gle/vQ4DLZbVeYNPWwMt5

Finally i’d like to thank :

  • EnjoyMyInSec for the tremendous support and help from start to finish

  • Janglad for the amazing renders and feedback

  • OneCreativeMind for the awesome novelties (seriously this guy is amazing)

  • Tsambikos96 for the feedback and support

  • Quaddepo for the feedback

  • Candykeys

  • Zfrontier


Mixed Greek set is an A+ choice!


While this set isn’t for me, you’ve done a bang-up job of capturing the feel of that period in our cultural consciousness. I really hope this goes forward, because it’s excellently done.

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Alright, I waited a whole a day & nobody posted this yet… :upside_down_face:
BTW, the set is awesome!

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Agreed, really excited to get the chance to grab a set that has Greek legends! Mixed Greek is a definite if I can grab this set, but even the mono Greek kit is pretty tempting as I have never seen a GMK set with them. Any ideal if these will these require new molds be made or does GMK have molds for doubleshoting Greek sub legends/legends?

Really like the colours. Hope this gets at least enough support for sampling to see if it can match the renders.

I wrote as much in the IC link as well but please ad a 40 kit or expand the base please :slight_smile:

Or maye ad the weird 40 expansions to novelties since in a way they are right

All the molds, which were supposed to be used in Greek Olivetti, exist already. This should be the complete Mixed Greek kit.

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The molds for the mixed greek kit already exist but i don’t think the mono greek ones exist.I am waiting on GMK to get back to me for pricing so we’ll see if it’s feasible.

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This is nice. It’s like a light version of GMK Samurai but also set in a different time period and culture!

looks dope, count me in

Being something of Stoic by personal philosophy, I’m much more Athenian than Spartan in my sympathies, but as your set is mostly just a Greek set, I’m all about this. :heart_eyes:

We need a 6u spacebar on this set !

And maybe a 4.25 one.