[IC] GMK Splash

Welcome to the summer of SPLASH!

GMK Splash will be a re-run of a classic color-way… GMK Splash includes a R5 bottom row. This provides the set with a superior typing feel and fuller sculpted aesthetic. We are creating the kits with cost, compatibility and flexibility in mind, we welcome any feedback you have to improve the kits offered.

Initial Renders & Kits (Mech27 Render Most Up to Date)

https://imgur.com/gallery/iWedTPK (Legends sizing for render 2 & 3 will be updated next post)

  • Base Set MOQ 150 @ ~$100 USD
  • Additional Set (ISO Etc) TBD
  • Numpad Kit TBD
  • Novelties TBD
  • Community Feedback
  • Completion of Kits (November)
  • Final Interest Check (December)
  • Group Buy Opens (Late December/January)

We are excited to announce we will be partnering with several great community members to bring you everything you need to make a SPLASH with your keyboard.

Badger Cables
We are working with Badger Cables to offer the best in industry cables for GMK Splash. Here is the options that we have worked out so far, let us know what you think!

  • Uncoiled and 6" coil
  • 2-6 feet in length
  • Two colour options

Primecaps Artisans

  • Primecaps truly makes some of the most impressive artisans out there and we couldn’t be happier to be working with them on this project!
    You can check out there fantastic work here https://www.instagram.com/prime_caps/?hl=en.
    We will bring you more news about the options that will be offered as this set moves along.


  • In addition to being the main group buy runner for GMK Splash we will also be selling Splash themed stickers and deskmats.

Notes & Comments

  • Addressing GMK Hydro and Keyclack Comments:

  • After speaking to Jchan, he has expressed no interest to re-run GMK Hydro. We are hoping to bring this classic colourway back with better compatibility and more partnerships with different vendors in the community.

  • Special thanks to /u/Wongstongs, /u/o3okevin, /u/gahho and /u/paninosboy for the support and contribution to this project!


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So uh, you mention Jchan wasn’t going to rerun Hydro, does that mean you have explicit permission to use the colorway?

Also expressing my disapproval of the split out numpad.


Keycap colorways are not copyrighted in any way. These colors are stock colors provided by GMK and they said we can run these colors. This is only an IC so if there are any issues he knows what my contact info is and he can contact me if he has any problems with it. All the artwork and products we will be doing will be done from scratch.

Copyrighted? No. Doesn’t change that color combos are a significant portion of a set’s identity, and it’s a slippery path to be on when your set can be described as “Hydro without novelties” right now. Colorways is a touchy subject, so be prepared for how people are going to react to you taking a previously established colorway to run.


I’m on the fence about the usage. On one hand I’m glad that the colorway is back because I was hesitant to spend >$100 on keycaps when Hydro came out despite really loving the look. On the other hand donut definitely has a point. If this weren’t using GMK’s colors it definitely wouldn’t be OK.

Honestly, I think as long as there are a handful of changes made to make it stand out from Hydro it will be fine.


Yeah, unless you get permission, I’m not on board with this one.

This isn’t a legal issue, it’s a professionalism issue, and if this goes forward without Jchan’s blessing, it will be the first (and shockingly) unprofessional thing I’ve seen your store do.