[IC] GMK The Child | renders updated with new legend colouring!

As if Press-On-Nails, PopSockets and weird looking shoes weren’t already enough, I’m happy to present to you today:

GMK The Child


Over the past few months, I’ve though a lot about kitting, and came up with this solution as a result, which, starting from now on, and moving forward with any further project, will be used for all of my sets.I know this might not be everyones type of jam, but for me personally, it encaptures some of the most essential needs, especially in the Base-Kit, which cuts of the numpad (don’t worry fellow full size users, it will still be offered as an extra Kit), since the majority of the community has fully shifted to smaller and more compact layouts anyways, but in exchange, for example, includes full support for the Alice-Layout and similar likes of, basic ISO-Support and F13, to please the recently evergrowing rise of its popularity!










TGR-Jane v2 by Yuktsi




AKI-S by Senryo





With this set, I actually managed, to achieve an incredibly accurate look, while incorporating only GMK stock-colours, which will be very helpful in the process of its creation, when in comes to pricing, colour-matching, and production-time!
The colours are as follows:

3B | BJ | 2B | CR | TU2 | WS1

I already have the physical samples form GMK in hand, and will try to get a good picture of them done, during the next few days.





For faster updates, looks behind the scenes, and possible peaks at future projects - or even if you just want a more convenient way to chat - feel free to join my Discord-Server, using the following link:

Thank yous:

Thank you to my Renderman, aka Mr. Kingk22, for coming in clutch, and delivering these great renders in such a short timeframe!

I like the idea, and where you’re going… But I can barely read those legends. Hope you make more progress with the IC.

Hi, I appreciate your feedback!
I had actually tried out a lot of different variations, before launching the IC, since I usually also definitely prefer higher contrast (
see Matcha Mocha f.e. :grinning:), but, during the process, came up with the conclusion, that the way this set is currently looking, would definitely be the most fitting and accurate.

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The Macaron addon is hilarious.

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I like where you’re going with this colorway. The legends though, are lacking contrast and are tough to read. I would be 100% in if adjusted.

Hey everyone, as promised, here is the link to the form, which will decide on the legend colour for this set.
It’d be greatly appreciated, if you could take a few seconds to fill it out, thanks in advance!

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Is there some sort of theme I missed? Tbh all I see is unused avocado half that’s been sitting on the counter for a day or two

Yes actually, the colours are inspired by the character “Grogu”, or commonly better known as “Baby Yoda”, form the the show “The Mandalorian”, but I like your point about the avocado, maybe I should change the theme of the set😁

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Oh, with the context I totally see it! Thanks

the black alphas look really bold and its nice to be able to read the lends, but I’d rather get eye strain and have a more on theme keyset, It just doesn’t look the same with the black IMO

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What’s up everyone,
Do to a very clear demand of the community for legends with better visibility, which was made even more clear through the recent poll, all of the kits, except for the “Macarons-Kit”, will be reworked to feature new and revisions black legends, using GMKs “CR” stock-colour (as seen in the previous post/poll).

The renders are now being worked on, and I’ll make sure to update you guys, as soon as they’re ready.:+1:


We need a shiny metal ball as a rotary encoder knob!


I am now sad again

The IC-Posts have now been updated with renders of the newly, revisioned, legend colouring!

Also, the green, which previously was GMKs “3A”, has been fixed to GMKs “3B”, to better fit it’s inspiration material.

I have attached a picture, showing of one of the LEGO-Bricks, used for the skin colour in the officially licensed sets, to show of the previously mentioned colour accuracy.
Although please note that this picture was shot on my Pixel 5, without any colour correction/editting, and doesn’t really represent how the colours actually look irl, which is why I also attached a second picture, to show of how vibrant the colours can actually look, if shot in a better lit environment/with superior equipment.

I’ll make sure to get better, professionally colour corrected pictures taken, during (hopefully) the next few weeks. :+1: