[IC] GMK Violet on Cream

Violet on Cream is a classic colorway, originally designed by 7bit for his “famous” SA keycaps Round buys. It has been recently re-ran again in SA by beamingrobot and Novelkeys. ARSLOCK and I have been working on finally bringing it to GMK.

The colors are SP’s RGE violet shade and WCK cream shade (used on GMK Camping as WS4).

This set will run in August on Novelkeys, MyKeyboard.eu and iLuMKB (Singapore). Potentially more proxies to come.

Base kit:

Spacebar kit:

Purple alpha kit:

40’s kit:

Some pics of the SA sets:

More renders:


Yo but where that 2nd ‘b’ at :stuck_out_tongue:

I added a blank (non convex) in the spacebar kit to take its place - I think a blank is a bit more useful than a B key.


looks like GMK Olivia




Look i need this set for my daily keeb and sinkron to my case purple

very nice