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Hello Keebtalk, I’m Visual! I’ve been lurking in the MK scene for a little while now.
This project has been a work in progress for almost a year now (with a few long breaks), and I’m glad to finally share it with you all.



Can you guess?


I decided to go with GMK’s default colors palette.
I hope to keep the cost of the set relatively low, and perhaps, make the production time a little shorter by skipping the whole color matching stage.

▾ Yellow CV | Black CR | Red RO2 ▾






TBD (Contact me if you are interested)



▾ Base Kit ▾

▾ Novelties Kit - “Death List Five” ▾

▾ Spacebars Kit ▾

▾ Extension Kit - “Yellower” ▾


▾ Paragon by Artemis Studio ▾


▾ DZ60 Lite by KBDFans ▾


▾ U80 by Rama Works ▾


▾ Alice (H40.io’s Amano Inspired) ▾


:heart: Special thanks to Biip for all of his feedbacks :heart:


I like the colorway but the different color R2 is just too offputting.

I also do like the color way but think the black R2 should be the extension if wanted, not the other way around. Cool set!

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Ye, Bushido got a lot of “Hate” cuz of it. :person_shrugging:

But no ortho support so no need to care about this… Love the theme tho. :upside_down_face::+1:

I think the contrasting black row ties it nicely to the theme/branding you’re going for in terms of the inspiration for the set.

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AH! The line is a reference to the suit!

I get that Kill Bill is very much an homage to Japanese culture, but the suit is also a reference to Bruce Lee. I would love to see a Latin Alpha kit or default. There are a lot of Japanese sub-legend kits out there…

Love the novelties though! Keep those.


Feedbacks noted on the Black R2, most people on Geekhack share the same feeling.

I will test out other kits, the black stripe will most likely get its own kit.
An alternative alphas kit could be interesting, but I’m afraid that it won’t hit MOQ. I could also make a Bushido’s style kit, with only R1 and R2 with alt alphas.

Let me know what you would prefer please.

Since this is my first set, I went with a light amount of kits first, in order to avoid making mistakes with compatibility issues.

However, I’m open to add more kits. 40’s and ortho come to mind first, but I’m having a hard time selecting the right keys.

Do you have recommendations on an ortho kit done right? (That isn’t too expensive if possible)

Not an ortho guy, but I imagine an ortho kit should have 1U modifiers (everything), 2x 1U R1 (bottom row) convex keys for split spacebar and a 2U spacebar.

Feels like this is a good 40s kit, but I’m a ortho user so I can’t really say how good it is for all the various types of 40s out there.

For me it’s kind of important to have mod colored " ’

Where is the second 2.25U Shift?
I actually kinda like it very much.