[IC] GOS- 65% keyboard- Gas-Ring mounting system ** UPDATED IC FORM 2020/12/20**

I have always inspired the myths in Greek with all types of God. And [color=blue]Poseidon[/color] is my favorite god, who control the Ocean with the [color=yellow]Golden Trident[/color] in his hand. That’s how I brought it into my design. The bottom weight is made with the tides symbolic for the ocean, and the trident is rising up from the water illustrate for the power of the person who control it.

[size=14pt]MANUFACTURER [/size]
As those who have followed us, you will know us as a designer of Zodiac keyboard. It is not successful because of many reasons (the way of design, qualities of products, manufacturer, QC, etc.). That is a failure for the first design, and we know what we can do in this project and We found a right manufacturer that satisfied our requirements.

[size=14pt]WHAT MAKE US DIFFERENT??[/size]
O-ring and Gasket are the most popular mounting systems in many keyboards today. For us, we bring both of them into one that called [color=green][size=18pt]Gas-Ring[/size][/color].

• 65% keyboard.
• 6061 aluminum
• Soldered type-C Pcb (support only ANSI, 7u and 6.25u bottom layout, stepped caps lock, split backspace).
• Black case and yellow weight (aluminum for weight only for now).
• 7 degree
• [color=green][size=14pt]Gas-Ring mounting systems[/size][/color]
• Plate option: MX switch support, full/half flex (yellow anodized aluminum only for now).
• No blocker at the bottom row.

[size=12pt]Error and fix:[/size]
The gap between keycaps and the inner top piece boundaries is too big. So, we are planning to fix it and it will no longer an issue when it releases. And that the only problem we had on prototype.

[size=14pt]Public Groupbuy running:[/size]
• We will do raffle sales [color=red][size=18pt]50 kits[/size][/color]; serial number will be engraved inside the case (it might not happen if the price for engraving is too high).
• [color=orange]All kits will be on our hand first before doing raffle, which mean you will get case right after your payment.[/color]
• Time: TBD (but properly at [color=beige][size=14pt]the end of Jan 2021[/size][/color]).
• Price: TBD but range from [color=pink][size=14pt]$450-$550[/size][/color]
• Future Sales: TBD.

IC LINK: IC form

[size=14pt]Additional questions and answers:[/size]
• Daughterboard? Not this round
• Alps support? No.
• ISO layout? No.
• Shipping from? Toronto, Canada
• Payment method: Paypal, E-transfer (only accept within Canada)
• Shipping fee? You need to pay for it
• Paypal fee? Same as shipping cost, you need to pay for it.
• Our Discord? Join as at Discord


[color=red][size=18pt]SOUND CHECK VIDEO:[/size][/color]


I updated the IC form so that I am willing to take suggestion from you guys

I guess my main question is, why use both o-rings and gaskets together?

Are they both compressed at the same time? Or are they setup in a way that one compresses first before the other?

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it will be done at the same time. the O-ring will be mounted on bottom case while gasket will be stickered on top case. basically, it will be no metal-to-metal contact between top-plate-bottom

Ah I missed that, got it. O-rings on the bottom, gasket on the top.

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