[IC] grid 600, a 60% chassis w/ interchangeable pieces POLL and MAJOR UPDATE

Hi guys,

Images of the prototype are here:



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It’s been a while :slight_smile: The prototype took longer than I expected, but they just arrived! I will take some photos later today. Let’s wait and see!

In the mean time, I have created a Google form where you can vote for the top pieces you prefer!


I also did more renders with GMK Violet Tendencies, enjoy!


This is so dank. I’m all in.

Well, that looks pretty flat… how much angle are you aiming for? and does it support feet?

5.5°, this was stated in the previous post on keebtalk [IC] grid 600, a chassis w/ interchangeable pieces for GH60 PCBs

It is a 5.5-degree chassis. You can use adhesive to mount risers if you need. )

Probably need to update OP, the group buy for this IC is live and has it’s own thread:

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