[IC] grid 600, a chassis w/ interchangeable pieces for GH60 PCBs

Hi buddy, grid is here.

Last week I put a rendering of grid 600, a keyboard chassis for GH60 enthusiasts, on reddit.

After collecting some feedbacks and suggestions, I assume it is the right time for some updates.

grid 600 Specs:

  1. Keyboard chassis based on GH60
  2. Supports tray-mount PCB, not compatible with IKBC Poker II and GK64.
  3. Has a battery compartment (96x50x3 mm)
  4. 5.5° fixed angle
  5. Aluminum parts will be bead-blasted with fine grit.
  6. Interchangeable cover modules

Cover Modules:

  1. Type 01 “CLASSIC” : A regular, “Model F”-inspired flat top.
  2. Type 02 “NEON” : Type 01 with 3 self-luminous tritium vials. (Red, Green, Blue)
  3. Type 03 “PEAKS” : Form inspired by mountains.
  4. Type 04 “FLASH” : Flat top with programmable RGB lighting.
  5. Type 05 “PRESS” : With 4 extra programmable Keys.
  6. Type 06 “PAPER”: With a 2inch E-ink Paper. (Raspberry Pi Zero would fit in)

Sorry that I cannot upload more images right now…

Thanks to u/CubbyNINJA for the micropad idea.
Thanks to u/3NJV2 for the 8 bit graphics concept, unfortunately that won’t happen but hope the E-ink paper isn’t that bad.

Ideas of green cover modules with GMK Terminal by TheKey.Company comes for u/postollagenovese.

I am grateful to all your comments.


For the blockers (WKL & MX HHKB), would prefer if the blockers mounted flush to the case rather than recessed.

And if you’re doing MX HHKB blockers, might as well add in a regular HHKB blocker (2.5u right side)

That being said, love the look of this so far – can’t make up my mind between Classic and Peaks …

Can you explain how you plan to have the programmable keys/ RGB from their cover modules working in this board? Seperate from the main PCB?

Do you have renders for the other modules not pictured?

Thanks! 2.5u sounds good to me. For the thickness part, the blockers are mounted to PCBs, since not every PCBs are of the same thickness so it might be better for the recessed design.

Exactly! There is a USB hub in the top left corner. I certainly do have more renderings. Updates coming soon. :slight_smile:

Really love how this looks! Time to find a new housing for my DZ60 :wink:

gorgeous, definitely excited for this

I love the modular design will def be keeping up with this