[IC] H87a: QMK-powered TKL PCB

Do you have a preliminary list here at all? Mostly wondering about the Filco/Quickfire Rapid, as I busted the USB jumper on one of mine.

Those have a different spacing than a.87/b.87 layout boards so this PCB won’t work in them. The Fn-alphas distance is 0.25u on the korean/custom boards this PCB is designed for, vs. 0.5u for the OEM boards.

Ah, gotcha. That’s a bummer. Still seems like a great project, though!

very interested.

do you have any preliminary data on which cases will be supported?

check this out TKL PCB Compatibility list

RFQ for PCB fab + assembly submitted

Finishing up the protos this week, goal is to ship them next Monday July 30

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i would love it if this fit my old filco majestouch 2 i love the old board and this could breathe some fresh life into it

It will not fit your Filco. If you want to make it programmable you can switch the controller.

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Tru, thanks

Also got pricing from Elecrow, is good

ah that’s a pity but i’m definitely going to look into the controller , so thanks very much dude


Not even for holtite?

you can use holtites sure, you’ll have to get them yourself though. I’m principally against hotswap

On the other hand, do you have any cad files for A87 PCB/yours case? I just need a most simple one which can show underglow RGB but most of the cases on the market are full aluminum (and too expensive) so that I want to CNC an acrylic case.

I don’t have a case designed myself atm, perhaps talk to @iNViSiBiLiTi

If you want to cut acrylic, the A.87 case from http://blog.winkeyless.kr/211?category=605776 will fit afaik.
bolts: IF 아크릴 하우징 볼트 세트 - 윈키리스 스토어

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@hineybush @iNViSiBiLiTi thank guys

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BTW the “T” in WKL designs is mm right?


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Buy will open in ~2 weeks