[IC]Halloween Themed Keycap sets/Artisans

Hello there, folks!

It’s SourLemon Studio, and we’re super excited about Halloween coming up! :jack_o_lantern: What’s cooking in your cauldron of ideas for this spooky season? Our studio has been brewing up some Halloween-themed designs, and we’ve got two cool colorways and a bunch of novelty sets ready. If we can round up at least 25 interested, we’ll launch a group buy!

We own a factory now can produce top-notch dye-sub PBT keycaps, all things checked. So we can cater to even the tiniest adjustments for your keyboard. Feel free to bring up any idea in the form!

If you’re as intrigued as we are, please take a minute to fill out our Interest Check form: IC Form.

The IC will run for a week, and if all goes well, we’ll kick off the group buy for approximately two weeks. Fingers crossed, you’ll have your spooktacular set on your desk just in time for Halloween! :star2:

Thanks a bunch for your support, and stay tuned right here for updates and sneak peeks of our Halloween creations.

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The form needs permission it says.

Good to know,thank you! Who should I talk to?

The creator of the form I think