[IC] Hard Shell Storage Case for Topre Aftermarket Boards

Looking for interest/feedback in a storage/carrying case for aftermarket Topre keyboard housings. If you’d be interested at all please fill out the form, I expect this project is quite ambitious due to the small size of the niche but would love to see this come to life if possible.

Fulfillment would be from Australia, however I’m aiming to price these competitively enough that international shipping shouldn’t hurt too much.

At this stage I want to include support for the following boards:

  • Norbauer Norbaforce
  • Norbauer Norbatouch
  • Norbauer Heavy 6
  • Norbauer Heavy Grail
  • Noxary XRF
  • Noxary Evija

I’m also considering including support for the Heavy 9, this would require a slightly larger case, potentially increasing price/shipping. If you’d appreciate this consideration please vote for it in the IC. Evija and HG, while quite easy to source compatible cases for otherwise, are having support included for the sake of completion. This may also extend to the Yui660c, if someone is able to provide dimensions required.

Any feedback is welcome, either in the thread or reaching out directly to me on Discord at nostyle#5979. If this goes ahead I’ll likely be posting updates in my personal Discord server, which can be found here:


I for one quite like this idea. I could see getting some for even non-Topre boards. (he said, eyes darting)


I just happened across this thread. Is this project still being pursued?