[IC] hbcp - Custom Compact 1800


Ordered protos about two weeks ago, sorry forgot to update here lol

Been working on PCBs in the meantime, should have the protos in 4ish weeks?


Any chance of Bluetooth support? This would make a perfect travel board.


Wasn’t planning on it, but I’ll look into it


I am vary itersted in this and will be following it. I always wanted this layout and this looks like a really nice board.




Just wondering if you had an update on how the timeline is looking like for this. If I have to get just one compact 1800, this would probably be it.


Likely won’t start the gb for 2-3 months. I’m moving in March and I’m not trying to deal with a gb thing going on around that time


Oh man, that actually makes me pretty excited to see your new work bench setup





u jus jelly bc im stylin on u


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I liked the layout and then you mention tungsten



Nice to see some ISO support, eventhough you say you dont care for it. Being a scandinavian, i appreciate this.


I cannot wait for this GB. I love 1800 boards and I want one that can both support a community member as well as not be the injected molded plastic like the TX


Could someone point out the main differences between this and a kbdfans KBD 19x? I’m trying to decide between the two…

From what I can see…

KBD 19x:

  • had delete key in the F-row
  • underglow support


  • a bit smaller
  • half plate option

am I missing something?

Also, what’s the expected price point for the hbcp?


Things the HBCP should (might, could) have over the KDB 19x: Brass weight, premium item (tight tolerances and good QC that can come with a custom KB, hopefully)… ALPS support IIRC… likely quite a lot heavier. The value of supporting a community member in turn supporting the community (that isn’t a thing for everyone, but whatever that’s worth to you). You can get a plate file after release so you can have a custom plate made out of whatever material you want (check discord history). Scarcity = resale value.

IDK what the exact price point of the HBCP will be, but I’d guess a bit higher than the 19x. The 19x is $255, the punchy 1800 was around $400, and the HBCP will be made out of more expensive materials (brass weight), so I’d expect it to be at least $400, maybe $500-$650 (that’s what I’m planning to be willing to drop on this), shipping is always a wild card, so IDK how that plays in.

You can see a video on Nathan Kim’s channel of him building a prototype HBCP (still some minor issues), and I’ve got a couple KBD boards, all of which had some minor issue or defect I just put up with. Don’t get me wrong, KBD.fans products definitely represent a better value equation than any true custom, but this hobby isn’t always really about people looking for the absolute best value equation, because that’s really where cheap rubber dome keebs are at, or rosewill, etc are at if you want the best mechanical value.


You can put Delete in the F-row
Underglow sucks

idk the price point, probably 450-500 ish depending on the costs