[IC] Hot-swappable Dactyl/Manuform cases

Crystalhand on /r/mechmarket has an IC up for printing an updated version of the dactyl/manuform cases which has built-in supports for Kailh hot-swap sockets. Crystalhand would need to purchase a higher definition 3d printer to support printing the fine-detail required for this, thus the interest-check.

I wanted to be sure the IC wasn’t missed in the deluge of traffic on /r/mechmarket, so cross-posting here. (Also, this audience is a bit different than /r/mm :slight_smile: )

The cost for the hot swappable cases will probably be around $180 which is roughly 2x more expensive then my current offering (this may be 1.5x if people are open to cheaper FDM printing for the bottom part of the case ).

More info and links in the OP.


How interesting. I do hope this goes off!

This guy(crystalhand) is one awesome dude! I’m not a fan of hotswap boards but will definitely order another manuform from him. He had printed my order but decided to delay due to some imperfections(usable but doesn’t reached his standards) so he printed a new one for me ~ no additional fees or anything. I got the case now and I’m very much pleased with the case.