[IC]IKKI68 - A 68 key compact keyboard kit |Hotswap QMK | Wireless


This is Ckeeb team, after running GB for Artisan keycaps and palm rests in the community for a while, we can finally bring up an IC for our keyboard kit after a long-time preparation. It’s a kit we work together with WUQUE Studio.

Introducing IKKI68 from WUQUE Studio…The studio has been working several months on this kit for continuous improvement, from the first version to the finalization, it has experienced countless small revisions, 11 finalization versions. And now we are very closed to GB and would love to share it with the community.In Saint Seiya, IKKI becomes stronger after each fire rebirth, so with this belief, we named the latest product IKKI68 coz it becomes stronger and stronger after so much adjustments!

This kit has 2 versions. Please check details below:

IKKI68 Kit

QMK Wired Mode

No Bluetooth support

Estimated price US$269 (Not including 4.5% paypal fee)


Bluetooth wired and Bluetooth mode

No QMK support but a software

Estimated price US$289 (Not including 4.5% paypal fee)

  1. USB supports up to 1000HZ polling rate, supports C to C interface
  2. Both USB and Bluetooth modes support N-key rollover
  3. Can run on Win, Android, Linux, MAC and other operating systems
  4. Flash memory backlight mode. Every switch light can be controlled: brightness increases and decrease, speed.
  5. Bluetooth 5.0, OTA upgraded
  6. All keys programmable (need to operate and set under WIN system with our software, not QMK)
  7. Can wake up PC/Mac in sleep mode [Tested, when restarting a Mac, you can use it to enter password instead of using MacBook’s own keyboard]
  8. Connects up to 5 Bluetooth devices

Other Spec:

Case color: Coronation (e-white gold), Pure e-white, Rebirth (Pink Purple), Seclusion (Fog Blue), Stars (Blue Gold), Forest (Green Orange)

Case material: anodized aluminum (except for the platinum color version, it’s upper case is electrophoresis white)

Plate material: carbon fiber

Plate color: carbon fiber black

Brass weight: add US$12 with the kit

Nameplate material: aluminum

Construction: TFM

Number of keys: 68 keys

Angle: 6.5 °

Highlights: Laser micro-hole LOGO on the front, with RGB light shining out, it just looks like a normal metal piece when the light is off, and turns to a bright light after the light is on.

The kit includes

Case, PCB (for soldered switches), plate, battery (2300mAH, only available for PRO version), necessary screws, additional tools, etc.

Additional Typewriter Case

How to use: you can put IKKI68 pro in it, insert iPad there to type.

Material: Aluminum alloy

Color: silver gray

Estimated price US$190 (Not including 4.5% paypal fee)

Shipping fee: TBD, will contact you before shipping.

GB and delivery time:

We hope to open GB in early June and delivery in middle August

Feel free to comment or msg me if you are interested! Thank you!


Very curious about the iPad typewriter case

Check this image

This is very, very interesting.

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Thank you. Since I cannot post any URL here. Feel free to search IKKI68 for more info on reddit or GH :slight_smile: