[IC] JTK Classic FC - a tripleshot hiragana concept

JTK Classic FC - a tripleshot hiragana concept

Manufactor: JTK
Keycaps: tripleshot hiragana , ABS
Designer: Buger

Welcome to discuss!

The keyboard from render is the first version JTK keyboard concept. JTK will provide plastic injection keyboard with customized color of JTK keycaps.


I dig the caps, but I’m wondering if more shape/color usage inspiration could come from the Famicom BASIC keyboard. Maybe not the thing to do right now, but I recall the HB85 doing pretty okay even with its odd vintage layout/shape.

Well, I’m sold already. Will these be customizable boards which we can solder/swap our own switches into?

yeah. We plan to provide several options for customers. But we can discuss JTK keyboards in the future.