[IC] JTK new PC Plastic keycaps trays MAX

Here is the link: https://www.jtkeycaps.com/page1001?article_id=50

New PC trays MAX will be used as HSA package in the future. And it will support SA profiles.


When will these be available?

Some of the old trays had issues with tight fitting keycaps. Will these fix those issues?


That’s a lot of plastic to hold your…plastic. I wish someone would make trays that are a little more carbon neutral. How about some trays made from paper pulp, like egg cartons? Slide that boy into a cardboard sleeve like the GMK trays. Just an idea!

I’m also a little weary of plastic hinges that will inevitably break for some people, leaving you with a big unusable plastic case.


I was talking about this the other day in a discord server. The way that GMK is packaged seems so wasteful to me. That being said I dont keep the trays, and I understand that some people do.

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Having a corrugated/waxed/whatever keycap tray actually sounds cool as hell


As someone who stores all their keycaps in trays, I like the layout of these new JTK Trays. They should just fit onto standard Ikea bookshelves. I would probably pick a few of these up if they were inexpensive enough, but I feel like they will be too pricey to store every set I have.


This is not issues. Purpose of tray design is for packing JTK keycaps sets and protect the keycaps wont be disorganized during the shipping process. So I make the size tight.


This tray will be the standard package of JTK new profile “HSA”. Using the translucent PC material trays brings many benefits :
1, protect keycaps
2, support double check and QC, reduce after-sell service probability
3, Convenient and beautiful

At long last, a tray that fits SA and hopefully can fit a full set + novelty + ortho + spacebar kits, etc. Hopefully price is decent.

The price wont be expensive, the shipping cost is crazy.

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Why one big tray & not two smaller trays like you do with your Cherry profile sets? I think if it was two smaller trays the shipping cost would be less. Since I believe shipping costs are not just based on weight, but on the size of a package as well.

It really depends on the density of what’s being shipped. Dimensional weight assumes a weight per volume so cost is calculated based on weight if the density is higher than that threshold or based on dimensions times that assumed weight if not.

I’m guessing polycarbonate isn’t going to hit that density, but I don’t entirely know that shipping cost would dramatically change if they were two trays stacked unless it significantly changed the number you could fit in a case/cases on a pallet.

EDIT: from my company’s pricing guide for shipping

It’s the larger of these two numbers:
A) the actual weight of the product (as measured on a scale), or
B) the “dimensional weight” of the product, which is (using inches): L x W x H / 150

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Because the new PC tray max is designed for the package for JTK HSA. Using 1 tray can put more keys and can pack almost with 1 tray. If we use the old trays, maybe need 3.


I’d love a replacement tray of higher durability that perfectly fits GMK sleeves. Having said that, keeping extension kits around with no permanent way to store them is a bit annoying so I can also get with this more maximalist approach.

I’ve recently begun cataloging my keycaps and it would be nice to get an option like this if it were affordable. Would shipping in bulk help with the cost?

I think the driving factor in the cost here is volume, so it might scale linearly. I would also love to order like 20 of these to keep all my keycaps in and be able to scale into the future

Yeah, ocean shipping will reduce the shipping fee directly