[IC] Jupiter 75% - a Bluetooth + USB-C compact custom keyboard


Sleek, compact, and adaptable, Jupiter75% is a brand new custom keyboard design from Mu.Studio.

Jupiter75% is a compact 75% keyboard featuring bluetooth + USB-C dual mode connection ideal for different user scenarios.

Mu.Studio will be teaming up with DT.Heart to bring this board to life. DT.Heart is a newcomer to the hobby but they will set to introduce more cool products to the community.

Mumama from Mu.Studio posted renders of the design in geekhack some time ago and I would like to share some photos of the prototypes.

Current plan for GB is early July.

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Design Features:

Bluetooth 4.0 + USB-C dual mode connection
Top gasket mount
5.5° slope
RGB Underglow
Polycarb signal exist
Stainless steel + brass weight design

PCB and Layout Features:
Bluetooth 4.0 + USB-C support
Programmable via QMK
Multiple layout support (ANSI/ISO, split Backspace, 6.25U/7U Spacebar)
LED backlit
RGB underglow

Aluminum Ver - Aluminum housing with aluminum plate and stainless steel + brass weight
Polycarbonate Ver - PC housing with aluminum plate and stainless steel + brass weight

Housing: Black / E-White / Gray / Silver / Blue / Red
Plate: Black / Gray / Silver / Blue / Red

Top housing
Bottom housing
Aluminum palte
Brass weight
Stainless steel tag
PC signal exist piece
PC diffuser piece *2
Outer package
Gaskets, screws, feet and accessories

To Do lists:
Design - done
Renders - done
Housing prototype - done
PCB prototype - enroute
Fulfillment (ETA 3-4 months after GB)


Wow. I absolutely love this.

Please add a QMK speaker, it’d be perfect :slight_smile:

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its really cool,i will join this gb:nerd_face:

Does the Bluetooth work with a metal case and metal plate?

Mind if I ask what is the QMK speaker that you are referring to?

The Bluetooth antenna will placed near a hold on the cases. I bet that helps. There will be more info about bt next week. The designer is planning on releasing a video of testing the bt functionality.

A special signal outlet has been made. It can help Bluetooth signal transmission

Sure, the code is documented here and it is implemented already for the clueboard LP and a few other boards. There are a few outdated videos out there that demonstrate the feature like this one.

What’s the range on it?

The prototype has been made and I doubt that this feature will be included. Interesting design tho

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It’s Bt4.0 so the max theoretical range is 30m but it would be limited to your network interference(your phone, 2.4g wireless network, etc) but I think on the desktop it would be fine but not reliable if you want to use it as a sofa keeb that controls your TV.

QMK supports has support for speaker output for various beeps and sound effect. I’ve seen this implemented before on the Planck and it’s midi ‘piano mode’

Qmk official did not upgrade firmware brush mode,so this time its no qmk speaker

So many hot 75% coming up, 2019 seems like it’s going to be the year of the 75. If this had a blocked off f-row it would be absolutely perfect, but even like this it’s my top choice among the rest.

BT4.0 and ISO seal the deal for me, if the price is right I’ll be in for one!

Would love to see a render with GMK caps tho

the price will be good. Please look forward to it.

Just a heads up to anybody who might be watching this, the GB is now live on zFrontier!


It’s $289 or $309 for the PC or e-white.

I just joined for a black one.