[IC] KAM Popelka

Hey everyone,

I’m proud to introduce my first set! KAM Popelka is based on the Czechoslovak/East German fairy-tale film “Three Wishes for Cinderella” (“Tři oříšky pro Popelku”/“Drei Haselnüße für Aschenbrödel”) from 1973.

A perennial favourite on television throughout Europe in this version Cinderella is more in control of her fate. In disguise she plays with the prince - bests him in archery and teases him with riddles at their various encounters.

If you want to catch it

If you want to catch it - it will start showing in German speaking countries from this Sunday: https://www.dreihaselnuessefueraschenbroedel.de/tv-und-termine-3hfa-remake/ including a Norwegian remake that will premiere at Christmas.

The correctly translated title is "Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella’ - in the story each hazelnut grants her a wish for a specific disguise / outfit. These three outfits inspired the colourways of this set:

  • The first a hunters’ garb which she wears to beat the prince in archery.
  • The second a ball gown with veil which she wears to the ubiquitous ball and further wows the prince.
  • The third and final is her wedding dress…
How does that look?

For now all modifiers kits are presented in all three colour ways. During the Interest Check I hope to get your feedback on which are essential and where we can streamline the offerings.
Please let me know what you think - fill in the Interest Check Form here

Next to a ‘standard’ English alpha kit this was a good chance to include dedicated alpha kits for both German and Czech/Slovak as well as an extensive Nordic kit.

Modifiers - TKL



Modifiers - 40s

Modifiers - Ergo

Modifiers - Ortho

Renders on 8xMK2 and D60 lite by KBDFans, M65-A, U80 and M10-A by Rama Works, Saka68 by CMM.Studio, Maja by Vulcan x KBDFans, Portico by the key.company, HAUS by Hand and Whimsy by Fourteen…

Profile: KAM - a uniform keycap profile with a large symmetrical surface
Dye-sublimated PBT with matte finish
Produced by Keyreative

The set uses a font based on the films titles and custom icons to complement the typography.

Renders and colour swatches are for illustration purposes only. The final colours will be compared to physical swatches.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in working on a collaboration.


Thanks to
Everyone on here and the various keycap discords I’ve learned a lot! - I want to especially thank ImperfectLink for KRK and NoPunIn10did and Cylent for pointers on kitting.

Please don’t forget the Interest Check Form ; )

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I made some small formatting edits - higher res images for your pleasure

Bro I have been looking for one just like this to fit a keyboard for a friend. This would be awesome.

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