[IC] KAM Wraith


How much would the kits cost?


Hey :slight_smile:

Some small kits update (check first post)

‘Caps Lock’ legend changed to ‘Extend Mode’ (in reference to ZX Spectrum +, thanks for the suggestion) which avoids confusion between ‘caps shift’ and ‘caps lock’.

With some additions:
ps: spacebars are convex (in the ortho kit too)

Someone suggested me to make an alternative version of the alphas without sub legends, let me know what do you think of it:

  • Yes, Mono alphas could look good!
  • No, this kit isn’t interesting.

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I’m also working on ISO kits, I don’t know if I wanna make a NorDeUk kit or separate kits (ISO UK, ISO INT, etc.), any thoughts?
I’m planning to work on a blank kit too…

And, second question: What is your opinion about making regular modifiers for control, alt and super (or whatever you wanna name it)?

Btw, if someone has a color swatch and a ZX Spectrum, pm me please :thumb:

I don’t know yet, I’m waiting an answer from Keyreative atm.

I appreciate :slight_smile:

it will depends if it’s XDA or KAM, but should be close to XDA Oblique or DSA Milkshake :).


i like the mono legends ut i also like the originals. id probs end up getting bolth :frowning: i like how that sounds but i feel my wallet cringe lol


The mono kit is not terrible. It just doesn’t tug at the heart strings like the sub-legend kit does.


IMO the sub-legends with the multiple colors is what makes this set unique and stand out visually. But I appreciate that some people may not like colorful sets or maybe are just after the KAM profile.


Yeah, I feel that the mono kit isn’t that unique, it looks way too simple thereby interesting.
Thanks for your feedback!


Any samples incoming for these? Would be nice to see the printquality.


I’m actually trying to contact Keyreative (they take time responding), I’ll try to order samples soon™!
I just wanna finalize the alphas + modifiers kit at least first.


Yea I’d agree with previous opinions, the original sub legends make this set. Mono legends just aren’t doing it for me.

I’m also a fan of how the modifiers are currently.


Yeah, but I had this suggestion like 4 times, so I was like ‘yeah just give it a try’ :slight_smile:
But I totally agree that mono is kinda off here!


Could you please add the 1.5u esc to the specialties kit, not just the ergo?


If there is little MOQ I would prefer a split UK and NorDe kit.


Yeah, will do!

I’ll ask a quote when I will order samples.
But I have to finish kits first :wink:


A different question but could you make the grey ortho 1u space bars have the “Break” “Space” on them separately? Otherwise you’re clearly forcing me to buy the add-on kit. :wink:

Personally thought that would be cool but definitely not a point of contention.


so having 1x 1u ‘Space’ and 1x 1u ‘Break’?


Looks very promising! I especially adore the sublegends and the kind of muted/professional aesthetics.
Got a question though: In the event this GB turns out successful, would you consider doing another round but in different colours (white, black, etc.)? I know this goes against the original ZX Spectrum, but I’d be interesting to know if I should go with a white or black case.:grin:

Cheers and thanks for answers!

Edit: Oh, and would you consider adding the 2.5u blank key from the 40bit set to the spacebars set?


Hey, thanks for the kind words!
Well, I could try to make a light version, but I’m not sure it’ll fit the aesthetic to be honest…

For which layout would be a 2.5u convex spacebar?


First off, thanks for the quick response!
It’d be great if either you or @Oblotzky could draw up a quick sketch of a light version if possible (already did that in Photoshop, but, well, I’m not very talented to be honest :grin:)
The 2.5u spacebar would be for the JIS layout (as can be seen here)

It’s a rather niche layout as far as I’m concerned and there are even less keycaps suited for that layout. Seeing you offering one is great, but all the other keycaps in the 40bit set are more or less useless.


Idk if it’s doable but I think it would look dope.


Keyreative confirmed that it is!

I should definitively give it a try!
Then we will see if it fits or not :slight_smile: the suggestion is interesting though.