[IC] KAM Wraith


Oh man that is great!

Hope it turns out pretty and we’ll eventually get it.



Here is a try


Wow! The white makes the sublegends really pop out, a great contrast. Fantastic job!

Now, if I could buy it’d be perfect. :grin:



I know it’s not the best, but I made a quick and crude photoshop with the white keycaps on a HHKB JP:

Hope it helps someone haha.



IMHO white caps don’t really fit the ZX Spectrum aesthetic.

Maybe on an Acorn Electron with side print legends? KAM might not be tall enough for that though.


I agree, was worth the try.
Well the ZX81 has white keycaps but yea, looks kinda off.


The white caps look pretty good but the original blue still looks better.


I still feel bitter that the Speccy didn’t make it to the US which is why I refuse to acknowledge the ZX81’s existence. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


For a dark on light colourway, a set based on the C64c keycaps might be a better/more authentic choice:

But that’s a whole different keyset …


Yea maybe for another keyset :smirk:


2.5 u convex spacebar added.
Thanks to @zuskanei for the suggestion.


Poll results: 300 responses

How do you like the keyset so far?

  • Love it, would buy!: 245 (81,7%)
  • Would buy with some changes: 39 (13%)
  • I like it but I won’t buy it: 16 (5,3%)
  • I don’t like it: 0 (0%)

Is KAM profile ok for you?

  • Sure!: 255 (85%)
  • I’d prefer XDA: 31 (10,3%)
  • I’d prefer another uniform profile: 14 (4,7%)

Which kits would you buy?

  • Alphas: 277 (92,3 %)
  • Modifiers: 213 (71 %)
  • Specialities: 142 (47,3%)
  • 40bit: 49 (16,3%)
  • Ergo: 47 (15,7%)
  • Addons: 113 (37,7%)
  • Ortho: 84 (28%)
  • Numpad: 66 (22%)
  • Colevrak: 28 (9,3%)
  • Arrows: 90 (30%)
  • NorDeUk: 28 (9,3%)
  • Spacebars: 70 (23,3%)
  • Blanks: 28 (9,3%)


I think you should put arrows in with addons. Just my 2 cents.


I was thinking about adding VIM and WASD keycaps in arrows kit :thinking:


Arrows kit update

  • VIM
  • WASD
  • HHKB

hesitating between red and regular gray now… :thinking:


I dig the red, but I kinda like the idea of the arrows being red, grey background, with white text. Similar to the current alphas so it’s subtle. Granted I’d buy the red as well but just a thought. Not even sure if it’s doable by the production standards


NorDeUk kit

Update on Arrows kit


Any extra print planned for å,ä and ö? I believe they will stand out too much compared to the other alphas.


I think so too


Yea those look a bit empty right now, I’ll probably add some extra sub-legends :slight_smile: