[IC] KAM Wraith


Nice. Looking forward to the new renders.


5 days and no updates. I’m starting to go LOCO.


Well, I don’t know if there is something I can add on the set right now (except for the blanks kit…)
Btw guys, if you have any suggestion on the sizes you wanna see in that kit, feel free to suggest it.

I’m contacting Keyreative in order to get samples atm :slight_smile:

Also, I will have the 3D files of KAM profile soon™ so I’ll be able to get more accurate renders!


13d and no activity…


“You will live, John Constantine. You will live.”


Sorry, I don’t have any news from Keyreative yet…
I should have received the files last week, so I guess I could get those this week…


I really hope you do soon :slight_smile:

While I wish this was KAT, I’m really happy you’re working on bringing us this set. I think the updated accurate renders will really help you sell this set (and this profile)!


patiently waiting for this one to happen lol i love everything about it.


Thanks man! Well IMO an uniform profile fits the aesthetics of the ZX Spectrum (and ZX Spectrum +) better.

And yeah, even if KAM is close to XDA, it’ll be way better with the correct profile :slight_smile:
Once people are okay with the render I’ll order samples, Keyreative should have time to produce them this month.


How difficult would it be to release this with Topre stems? (Is that even possible?)


I’d have to ask Keyreative if KAT (since KAM is KAT R3) could have electro capacitive stem, but tbh I don’t think so…


If you wouldn’t mind, in your future communications with them can you ask them about it? If it is possible, the price / MOQ differences?


It’s planned to get a quote soon :wink:


Oh man, I really hope that theses are not vaporware. I really like the aesthetic and I think it would be a great kit to have on my secondary board.
Beautiful kit so far @biip


I don’t know if this ship has sailed or what and I did vote in the poll, but fwiw I really would like to see alphas without all the sub-legends. I think it’s awesome that they’re being offered, but I personally prefer a cleaner look.



Well it will depend on the interest and then on the MOQ. I should be able to order samples this month, communication with Keyreative is just kinda… complicated tbh :grimacing: it takes time, but it progress.

I should also have receive the 3D files previous week, hopefully I’ll get them this one…


any news? :slight_smile:


not yet, should have reveived KAM files this week. Hopefully early next week…


sucks there not really helping you would love to see this moving again i know there’s a ton of interest


Considering the delays already faced in this IC, would it be worth reconsidering XDA?


I’m not sure XDA supports all-over dye-sub, gotta look