[IC] KAM Wraith


Please keep this KAM


That’s my initial wish!


have to agree stay KAM even if it takes longer.


This is the best chance for me to try this new profile


I’m pushing hard to get news from Manu. My files are ready to send, it’s just taking time sadly…


Take all the time that you need.

I agree with everyone though; I strongly prefer KAM and don’t mind the wait.


I am not rushing you biip, I just wanted to bump the thread - that’s all. :smiley:


Late poster to this thread but this keyset looks awesome! Sorry if I missed it but what profile are these renders done in? It looks like XDA. I’d be interested in a few of these sets. Cheers :beer:


Unfortunately no, I still don’t have received the 3D files. The manufacturer is super busy sadly… I can’t do much except waiting :man_shrugging:

I’ll let you know guys, don’t worry! Thanks for the support :slight_smile:


Happy 2019!

Any Kam Wraith goodness in store for this year? :kissing_heart:


It will be this year!


Are there any benefits to the KAM profile over DSA or XDA?


Overall dye-sub which allows to have light legends on a dark background (keycap).


Let me suggest MDA/MIX/EDRUG profile instead of KAM – I can get you in contact with the profile owner’s rep to talk about it. I would love this set, I’ve actually just designed a ZX Spectrum-themed case that would go very well with it.


Does it allow overall dye-sub?


Will buy 100%.


I have some good news!
It’s happening soon :wink:


There are many beautiful keysets on the market but only this speaks to my heart. :heart:

The older I become the less I can relate to the present timeline. It’s nice the universe throws me a bone once in a while.


That’s great to hear!! I had already accepted in my mind that this set would be on hold indefinitely considering all the issues Keyreative was having with Starry Nights. I’m glad to be wrong and am very excited for this set!!


don’t worry, it’s progressing :eyes: