[IC] KAM Wraith

Please explain why you are attempting to derail KAM without giving any justifications for it.

prototype ordered :eyes:


I’m not trying to “derail” KAM for a malicious reason, I am suggesting an alternative. MDA/MIX/EDRUG is feels fantastic and could use new/innovative sets like this to differentiate it and the designs. I felt the wider, and flatter surface area would treat the more dense legends a little better than DSA/KAM since the originals were rectangular and square. I think that a sculpt would be nice, but the characteristic of flatness is an integral part of the aesthetic, MDA meets both of those. I’m not arguing against KAM, I’m requesting MDA as an alternative based on what I think is a better fit.

On the personal side of things, I just have found that my larger finger tips really prefer XDA over DSA and MDA/MIX/EDRUG/whatever the profile winds up being named; I would love this set but also would like to get a good typing experience. I’m also worried that running it in KAM will subject it to the issues felt in Starry Night. Does expanding on my original comment help?

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There is only one solution to make everybody happy: Wraith in all the keyset types!

Beyond the design (which is gorgeous btw) I personally only care about:

  1. Uniform single profile.
  2. Smooth & Glossy finish and feel.

I don’t know much about Starry Night other than it may have been one of the first sets to use KAM. From what I understand yes there were some issues but they learned from their mistakes. Correct me if I’m wrong!

I chose KAM because it’s made by Keyreative, the manufacturer which did DSA Milkshake, and they are able to do overall dye-sub. And I don’t think other are able to do that atm. Anyways, prototype should now be in process :wink:


For MDA, have to get them to do allover dye-sub, or convince them to start making doubleshot ABS…

I was told that it does support reverse dye sub from the designer. I don’t know who their dye-sub contract factory was, but I can put you in touch with the designer to talk more (I know you’ve got samples, just something to think about for another run in a different profile).

That’s sweet, but a next round won’t be before next year think ahah :stuck_out_tongue:

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But, but, but. :frowning: I have keyboards without keycaps now. think of the cold, bare, nekkid switches.

I guess you’re already at a quarterly release schedule with how many sets you’re releasing ICs.

Whatever you do biip TAKE YOUR TIME.

Too many Group Buy runners put the world on their shoulders.

I would rather receive KAM Wraith in 2020 and have it be correct than 2019 and have a few things get by the factory.

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GB should be this year!


I’m just seeing this set for the first time. It’s fantastic! I’m new to the hobby, and have to say that your keysets just make me smile. I’m in for Canvas R3, would buy Milkshake in a second, if I could, and will definitely be jumping on KAM Wraith. Good to go.

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Just my two cents here but I am actually quite hype for KAM.
I think the profile looks similar to the Spectrum and makes it seem like a great homage.

Really loving the design btw and I would hope to deck out my new boardwalk in these whenever they come out!

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That’s why I chose this profile tho! XDA would work too (if over-all dye-sub).
Can’t wait to receive the samples! So excited :smiley:


Samples should be done at end of the month :crossed_fingers:


Any update on this? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

samples should have been done 3 weeks ago :man_shrugging:
I’m trying to get news tho…


Hi, just learned about this project today. Great work!
Now signed up and following your progress… :smiley:

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samples are shipped! I will receive em soon™.
I already have some pics but I rather shoot some by myself :wink: