[IC] KAM Wraith

Are the keycaps that shiny out of the factory?

Yes :confused:

Acctually love the shine. Got really used to slippery caps on my low pro board.

They look a lot lighter than I expected.

Gorgeous! Can’t wait.

yeah definitely agree. That’s also why I made samples :slight_smile:
I’ll make other tests anyways!


I’ll echo others that the blue did come out a bit lighter than expected, but since these are just samples I see no reason to worry about that as it can be adjusted easily. The high gloss of the caps is what really surprised (& kinda worries) me as PBT caps are usually more towards matte on the sheen scale. Is Keyrative putting a protective clear coat on the caps after they’ve been dye-subbed or is that just an effect of the “all over dye-sub” process? If it’s the former, that would strike me as odd since dye-subbed legends are so durable. It also would kinda kill my confidence in how well the legends/coloring of their “all over dye-sub” caps will hold up over time if that is the case. Low durability of the legends/coloring is the only reason I could see to put a protective clear coat on the caps. :thinking:

I kinda dig the lighter color, it reminds me of the Cadet set.
I really love the shine as well. It looks beautiful.
Really liking the way this is coming together!
Any ETA on the setup of a GB or shop posting?

Edit: I wrote dig too much. Although I did dig the way I dug.

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Tough to say. I think I’d like to order a prototype with KAT R3 profile :thinking:

KAM’s molds are polished and bright, so the keycaps themselfs are bright and smooth after injection molding, no protective layer is added over the top; the special sublimation process passes the friction test, which is as reliable as traditional sublimation.


Those are a completely different color than I was expecting. I had hoped for more of a dark grey, but that’s Space Cadet blue. Kinda holding out for the darker color.

Nice to hear, thanks for the response! Hearing that the sheen is just from super polished molds, makes me much more confident in the dye subbing. :+1:

I’m late! I should have been here earlier!

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Colors are easy to modify.

Nice to see you here!

So is there a way to avoid this glossy effect?

Nice to meet you!KAM is glossy in nature, which, cannot be change easily in a short period of time unless making a new matte finish mold.

Starry Night on KAM:


I might be interested by a matte finition for KAM Wraith :eyes:

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I’m trying to get at least one keycap set for every profile, so I can find what I really want.

When I saw that gloss, I pretty much decided that I don’t like kam (and thus save money).

I really hope they’ll agree to make something less glossy (my bank account hopes they won’t).

As a side note, I avoid anything ABS because I massively hate that shine.


For me knowing KAM comes in super glossy actually makes me look foward even more for KAM Wraith. I think it would be a great retro aesthetic with that shine.