[IC] KAT Crusader

Hey Keebtalk, Tyson here with my next project,

KAT Crusader

A keyset based on the character Darkness from the anime Konosuba.



Link to my discord for anyone looking for follow this keyset: [url=https://discord.gg/KTJDftw]https://discord.gg/KTJDftw[/url]


Imgur Gallery of all kits: [url=https://imgur.com/a/o0JUTkI]https://imgur.com/a/o0JUTkI[/url]

Board Renders

Imgur Gallery of all Board Renders: [url=https://imgur.com/a/6hIRNTC]https://imgur.com/a/6hIRNTC[/url]


CannonKeys Brutal60 WKL

Blindassassin111 SP111

Deskmat Mockups

Imgur Gallery of all Deskmat Mockups more images to come: [url=https://imgur.com/a/XDxxIqL]https://imgur.com/a/XDxxIqL[/url]


Alpha Legend Color: Pantone 12-0727 TXC Sunshine
Alpha Color: Pantone 179-15 C
Mod Legend Color: Pantone 179-15 C
Mod Color: Pantone 14-1050 TCX Marigold
Accent Legend Color: Pantone 179-15 C
Accent Color: GMK WS1

Vendors and GB date

Date: TBD

Asia: TBA
Australia: TBA

What’s Next?

  • Secure vendors for keyset
  • Listen to feedback, and follow suggests for set
  • Nail down a GB date

Special Thanks!

  • Rensuya, Raravin, Hisui, and Xerpocalypse for all the help and support for this set over the past few months!
  • Abec13 for the fantastic renders!
  • OneCreativeMind for the amazing support throughout the year and for the fantastic novelties!
  • My Discord for the support!


Nice colors, no text mods kit though?

Thanks, and they are in the works, I am going to make a google form asking if users would prefer text mods for both mod kits or if I should only move forward with text mod kits in either normal mod color or the dark mod color.

I like the orange theme! I still haven’t tried KAT profile, but I’m in on KAT Atlantis and hoping I like it. Crusader is definitely a colour way that I like!