[IC] KBDfans x Biip | Boop 65% gasket keeb

The number of desirable 65% IC’s

Seriously, though - I quite like the case design, and the logo is pretty clever, too.


I was thinking I wouldn’t get anymore 65% boards, but this thing is pretty rad looking

I can’t type on 65% I need a 2.75u right shift or the arrows separated and the shift as the right most key in the row. I’ll take 40% over 65%

Saves me a lot on money!

I’d take an M65-A but would have a plate cut to support 2.75u

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Ah, another fellow right shifter. It kinda defeats the purpose, but a lot of these 65% boards do support a full size right shift

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While looking at these renders, I just realized having the up arrow by shift is actually really convenient if you use oh-my-zsh or other autocomplete plugins for your terminal of choice.

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I use both shifts, but my pinky hits the right one pretty much right over the arrow legend (the far left of the cap). A 2.75u shift is just wasted real estate for me. Where does your pinky land?

The right edge of the shift.

Do you have a NBA contract with those mits :joy:

No just dexterity zero

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I wish the curves will be on the front and back instead of the sides…but this looks more appealing than the D65 being seemless

What you’re describing is kind of like the Pebble. Except the Pebble has more forehead than chin.

65%s are just popping off this year!

At least we’re getting some pretty nice ones before the year ends

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