[IC] Keeb Anatomy Deskmat

Show your appreciation for the mechanical keyboard hobby with the Keeb Anatomy Deskmat. Designed to look simple, sleek and significant.

Interest Check form: https://forms.gle/AA65U2JajZQCyPmn7
Renders and Images: imgur.com/a/KkJY7qs
Geekhack: [IC] Keeb Anatomy Deskmat [Updated design base on feedback]

-Cloth Fiber
-Stitched Edge
-Anti Slip Rubber Bottom


really cool aesthetic design, do you have other colors?

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Yeah two other colorways :smiley: you can check out my imgur album!!

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Hi everyone :smiley: updated the design of the Keeb Anatomy Deskmat and added to new colors. This will be the final design for Group Buy.

Update 1:

  • Removed the lower left “Keeb Anatomy” text
  • Added two new colorways (Granite and Lemon Gray)
  • Updated the color scheme of “Cerulean Sand” to more of a “Coffee”