[IC] keyquest Enclave 1 macropad + usb hub


Hello everyone, this is the first edition of the Enclave. Since we’re new, I’ll start by introducing myself and keyquest.

My name is Matias. I’m an industrial designer based in Mexico City with almost 5 years of experience in digital manufacturing. I decided to create keyquest for people like me, creators, makers and people who like to customize their tools. Our design aesthetic and focus is minimalist products with true modularity, not just modules but whatever you want.

Enclave 1 is a fully programmable 9-key macropad + usb hub ideal for those constantly on the move that need to adapt to any situation. Besides being a full-fledged macropad, it can also be used as the main hub for all your other devices such as keyboards, dongles, drives, etc.


The case consists of a machined aluminum body plus a reversible brass weight with two custom adhesive rubber feet with a hardness of “65 Shore A” to reduce and in some cases eliminate sliding.

  • 1x Enclave 1 body - machined aluminum + sand blasted + powder coat body.
  • 1x Enclave 1 matte brass weight - machined brass + sand blasted.
  • 1x Enclave 1 PCB.
  • 2x Custom rubber feet.
  • 4x SS screws.
  • 4x Brass screws.


  • Machined aluminum body.
  • Brass weight.
  • RGB underglow.
  • Kailh hotswap sockets.
  • QMK, VIA and VIAL compatible.
  • Integrated USB-C hub.
  • USB-C interface.

Plain white.

Plain black.

Ash gray.


Almost mint.

general info

As for price, we are waiting for the final GB quantity to commit, however, we’re aiming for a price of $100USD (+ shipping).

Delivery could be done 4 to 6 months after GB ends depending on parts availability, if all parts are in stock 4 months is the max.

I would love to hear and consider your feedback/comments/suggestions. You can check the interest check form below, and if you have the time, please answer the form at your own pace. Thank you very much!


And finally thanks for reading through :smiley:.