[IC] Koreatown December 14 2019 Meetup CANCELLED

Hello everyone! I will be hosting a Los Angeles meetup on December 14th, 2019 in Koreatown, Los Angeles. If you are interested please fill out the interest survey.

We have a very generous venue donor, a new two-story coffee shop currently being built on Olympic and Vermont. I am asking that everyone buy a cup of coffee or donate 5 dollars to the venue if at all possible.

If you are a vendor interested in selling merchandise or advertising during this meetup or future meetups, please e-mail me or DM. (andrewbaiktechnology@gmail.com)

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This is awesome! I’ll definitely be there.


I’ll try my best to make it!


Great news everyone! There is absolutely enough interest from the community to host this event. In the case that we are above capacity, I will pull a list from the interest survey of e-mails to cap the space off. My strong suggestion is to fill out the interest survey ASAP to secure your spot.

I am going to phone conference with the venue owner today to discuss logistics and asks… here are some I have:

-Welcome area for signing in, keyboard cards, and name tags
-Tables and chairs for keyboards that no drinks are allowed on
-Tables and chairs for lounging, discussion, and drinking coffee/tea
-Music system/PA for announcements
-Food… whether it’s something they want to sell or get an outside vendor to sell

-Keeb-inspired beverages… think MX Cherry blended frap

*In full transparency, I will NOT be making a single penny from this event. All coffee/food sales will be given to the venue in support of their coffee shop for opening the space to us. I am in no way business-associated with them. My hope is that this space will be available to us in the future. IF there is ever for-profit sales in a future event through myself or KMKS it will be explicitly stated with an explanation of where the money is going before any transaction.

*I pride myself in operating and serving with utmost integrity and transparency and am ALWAYS open to questions/comments/concerns/suggestions!

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Check out the parking situation … fellow LA Keebs, we may have found our new home! Please fill out the interest survey if you haven’t already. It really does help me plan the best event possible. (if there was enough interest we can get tables in the parking lot with ez-ups over)

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Pretty sure I’m going to be there.

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Hi! looking forward to this meet up. any updates?

I’m sorry to report that I’ve learned that this event has been cancelled due to an unspecified issue with the venue. This info comes from the organizer, but beyond that, I’m afraid I don’t have any other details.

To avoid confusion please note that the Keyboard Assembly SoCal meetup in Los Angeles the preceding weekend (organized by @shinz0) is not cancelled.