[IC][KR] Salamander

That polycarbonate one is beautiful.

Would you be able to order an aluminum top/poly bottom?

Was thinking to myself the other day that I wanted a polycarb tkl and now here we are. Hopefully the price sits well with my wallet. I really like the weight on this too. Reminds me of the Evil80 that I ended up not being able to get. Looking fantastic.

hhhh finally made a good keyboard!

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I LOVE the poly, one of the best ones I’ve seen and will be in on this for sure. What’s the possibility of making a matching numpad to go with it?

That red one. I want one.

Truly a classic and timeless design. Very clean, my friend!

That pink is gorgeous.

I love the rose gold, I’m in :heart_eyes:

will there be any options for an ISO alps or cherry plate?

also, will there be an option so that we don’t have to buy the PCB? I am going to get an alps PCB from LFK anyway…

I’m definitely interested in a poly one.

Sorry but only ANSI

PCBs can be excluded in purchase.

Thank you for your interest.

Thank you for your interest !

Thank you for your exaggerated praise.

It’s not on the plan yet.

How much $$ does that knock off the price?

Hi, I am interested in this board as well. Nice to see pink and blue options! Can different top and bottom colors be chosen?

What are the differences between the PBT, PVC and ABS switch plate options?

By “sandwich bond structure”, does that mean that the switch plate mounting style is similar to that of the TX keyboards (TX-1800 excepted)?

Just made an account for this kb.

Can’t wait for this.

Love the alps support!

Hello, is there any approximate date for this GB?
Will the ALPS PCB be available or must I construct addition pylons?

He says that he doesn’t have alps pcbs. But you can get one from LFK here.