[IC][KR] Salamander


Aww, it’s out of stock.


That pcb doesn’t look like it’ll fit anyways.


Any idea when this groupbuy will be open? Really excited to try and get a polycarb!


It will probably be held abroad in December or early next year.


This looks great! Count me in


Sold on this board based on Nathan Kim’s review and that glorious typing test.


Well I better start putting money aside for this! :smiley:

Frost Polycarbonate and Alu bottoms seem really nice options. I’m pretty curious about the PVC and PBT plate options. At least I have some time before I make my decision hehe.


The Hard Matte Gray looks so delicious but I am undecided on the plate. Any suggestions if the plan is for vintage blacks to be used?


It’s difficult to manage but it’s small and I can handle it.
My poor English is difficult to explain in words.
I recommend PBT.
similar to that of the TX Keyboard !


So do I. lol


I don’t have a vintage switch.
If I get it, I will assemble it and introduce it to you.


I’m his fan.
It was a great honor to be able to introduce to viewers through him.


want one of these so bad


Is there any chance that I can buy only the housing, the plate and a blank weight (without the “Salamander” word in it)?


This is awesome! Ive had my eyes set on a poly carb salamander for a while now. Being that the GB is set for some times next year that should give me enough time to save up alllllll that cash.


What do u mean?


Why don’t you need switch plate?

Without it, it is impossible to assemble.


I think it will start later this year or early next year. Save money in advance (just kidding haha)!


Sorry for confusing you, I want to buy:

  • Aluminium top.
  • Frost Polycarbonate bottom (because I want to see underglow LED).
  • Aluminium switch plate.
  • Blank gold-plated brass weight plate (no “Salamander” word on it).

I don’t need:

  • TX87 PCB.
  • TX Bag.

Thank you.


He means he really like and want to buy this keyboard. :grin: