[IC][KR] Salamander


are there any details/specs on the TX87 PCB at this time?
just curios, thanks.


Maybe you could add a few typing videos from your YouTube channel? I hovered over your profile name and saw that you have a YouTube channel with quite a few videos. Here’s a typing video on the poly version.

Do you already know when you’re going to start with the GB?


The PCB was designed by Leeku and used on the keyboard of the TX series.
It has an RGB LED at the bottom.
You can set it up using a program called JIGON.

PCB is soldering all the elements.
You only need to solder the switch and led.


You’re right.
That’s my YouTube channel.

Your words do not translate correctly.
Could you say that again briefly?


My idea was that you could edit your first post to include those typing videos from your YouTube channel. This way, other users could hear what the keyboard sounds like. Just an idea though.


awesome, thats pretty much exactly what i was interested in. when i attempted to search for info on the TX87 it would bring me to TX’s website but not exact PCB for some reason. thanks alot


I’m sold. The polycarbonate version is really nice! Very good work sir


Fuck ya 4xH! I was sad I missed out on the original gb, hoping I get in on this :kissing_smiling_eyes:


The polycarb one looks very nice! I think it makes this keyboard unique. I am definitely interested. Will you also have aluminum or brass plate options?

Thank you for doing an international GB for us!


Saving my Alps build for this. Hopefully I can get in on the GB :slight_smile:


I’m also interested ! Will try my best to snag one