[IC] KZ75 - 75% Sandwich mount Keyboard - (Updates, GB date and more)

Hello! Firstly thank you to everyone who filled in the IC form and gave their suggestions, it has helped me out tremendously!

It’s been a while since my original IC but I am back with some exciting updates to the keeb!

Design updates:

  • When I received the prototype, I noticed there wasnt enough room for the PCB to fit perfectly so I added extra space to the board
  • Redesigned the rubber feets
  • Adjusted the USB cutout

General updates:

  • ISO compatible
  • ANSI hotswap PCB
  • Colours confirmed - Obsidian Black, E-White, Midnight Blue


  • Base kit - £220 ($285)
  • Brass plate - £9 ($11.50)
  • ANSI hotswap PCB - £30 ($39)

The base kit includes: Aluminium case, Aluminium plate, ISO + ANSI Solder PCB, Brass weight, Rubber feet and screws

Shipping costs: UK £15 ($20) / Europe £23 ($30) / USA & Canada £27 ($35) / Rest of the world £46 ($60)

The expected shipping dates are around the end of December / start of January

GB Date: 24/10/2020 till 13/11/2020

The GB will be unlimited!

The GB will be held on https://keebzone.com/

Link to the render gallery

Join the Discord to stay up to date and ask any questions you may have!

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edit: updated gb date