[IC] L7 - 65% Custom Keyboard

Hello there,
I’m Luigi and I’m Italian, I apologize in advance if there’s something wrong with my English.
My intention was to create a 65% with a unique layout. We can define it as a cross between a HHKB and CA66.Initially, during the design phase; I always wanted the plate to be an aesthetic part of the keyboard.
Unfortunately I realized that using the plate in the way I wanted was not possible, or at least possible, but the gasket system would have been useless; so I thought I’d cut the plate to make a border that would be a decoration all around the keyboard. The plate will be positioned on the gasket, both on the top and on the botton and enclosed in the case.



  • Case Angle: 6.0°
  • Materials: Aluminium & Brass (cerakote polished)
  • Plate: 1.5mm
  • Hotswap PCB with USB-C daughterboard configurable with QMK
  • Full gasket mount (2 layer top and bottom)
  • LED Backlight
  • Pricing: TBD
  • Timeline: TBD
  • Vendors: EU-mykeyboard.eu
  • Manufactured by Salvun
  • Layout options: ANSI only



The name does not have a particular story, L is the first letter of my name (Luigi) and since the keyboard has 66 keys I rounded up to 7.The idea of lightning on the top came to me while I was working on the PCB logo, in fact if you look at the picture of the logo on the PCB in the middle between the letter L and the number 7 lightning is formed.

Render PCB

UPDATE 11/04

I added photos with the technical specifications of the keyboard as some of you asked me for some specs.These days the production of the prototypes should start, I don’t have a precise date yet but I will update the IC as soon as I have some news.I am very proud to announce that if the project proceeds in the right direction, I’ve partnered up with mykeyboard.eu for sales and distribution in the EU.

The gap between the right arrow and the right column is a consequence of the layout, and is 1.5mm.

Keep in mind this is an interest check. Nothing, including options, pricing, etc, is final until the GB starts.

My most sincere thanks to all the people who helped me. Starting with my friend Urocci Rudy, for helping me throughout the design, modeling, etc. e11i0t23 for the realization of the PCB. I also thank the whole community, the producers, the venditory etc that have always been available when I needed it.


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Looks good. The combination of HHKB modifiers and a 66% form factor is a cool idea

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I really like the look of this board also, but is the layout set in stone due to hot swap? I’d love to see support for split backspace on this not only cause I use it, but because it will really tie together the HHKB aesthetic. HHKB with a full backspace just looks weird to me.

See you soon with the new updates.