[IC] Laser Etched Cork Keyboard Bottoms

I’ve been tinkering with etching 1.75mm cork for keyboard bottoms.

I could adapt the size if anyone is interested in a custom run for a non-60% board. The 60% PCB size should be the most compatible though with 60% boards.

Also, feel free to suggest graphics. I like the cherry switch patent, so I may check out some other patent art since the sketches tend to etch well. Photos can be run through Photoshop filters to look sketched, so as long as the aspect ratio matches, the possiblities are fairly unlimited.


Wow. I don’t have a use for this, but it sure is cool!

Could we submit one designs/illustrations/graphics for one off cork bottoms? I like this.

Sure, my e-mail is keyboardbelle@icloud.com

I usually design a PNG file with a black graphic and a transparent background. You can use a brown background as a temporary element to help see what the image might look like on cork.

If you’re cutting something like wood, you can get more colors and nuance to the image, but cork generally does just a black layer on cork, so the simpler the graphic, the better. It pretty much burns away a small layer of the cork to leave the image.

The aspect ratio for the image works out to about 3:1

Is this to sit under the keyboard, or is it the actual bottom of a keyboard build?

It’s mean to replace keyboard feet. I may make an inside version for people that want to try sound dampening.