[IC] Lubestone - Corian lube station

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Hello Friends. Today I would like to introduce to you our latest product, the Lubestone.

It is made from durable and fashionable Corian, and pairs well with our standard Workmat or new Minimat. If you aren’t familiar with Corian, it is a solid surface countertop material made from acrylic resin and stone powder, with stone chips added. If you aren’t familiar with our Workmat, head over to our website and take a look; they are silicone rubber, come in fantastic colors, and are well suited for the keyboard and other hobbies. Our latest version is very translucent and even food safe.

Each Lubestone will be laser cut in our manufacturing facility and hand polished. Corian comes in a galaxy of color schemes and treatments. However, we are limited to styles that do not have the very large mineral chunks. When the laser beam hits these stone chips, the beam refracts crazily within the corian material and makes a void, visible on the cut edge of the Lubestone. While some of this is likely unavoidable and acceptable, I believe it should be minimized for quality assurance and consistency.

For this reason we will launch with 2 colorways:

Deep Anthracite

and Sparkling Granita

Our current prototype is in Sparkling Granita.

MOQ will be 40
Pricepoint will be $50 US

We primarily serve the Continental US, but can ship anywhere. Shipping right now is terrible, but we would to meet any retailers in any region about carrying the Lubestone or any of our products.

The best way to contact us is on Discord, we respond really quickly there. There are also a lot more pictures there. Thank you in advance for your precious time and input, and look forward to meeting you all <3


Interesting idea and it looks quite spiffy. I always get bummed when I see lube stations with sub 60 switch counts though.


We can fit a few more switch holes in place of the stem holes, we plan to have multiple layouts available as well. We settled on this size to keep material costs down and so you can still fit a TKL on the main area of the Workmat. I hear ya though.

This is the new Layout we have settled on after feedback from the community. Should be lasering out a prototype today or tomorrow. I should hold about 60 switches or so.


Love this design, how long is it compared to your minimat?

ain’t that tidy?



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Top down view of this?

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Getting prices on Corian today, hoping to get some prototypes made of the new layout and with the dark Corian. ALSO working with my Corian guy to get the price down.

Thanks for all the feedback so far!