[IC] Maxkeys Lavender Fields

So here’s the dippin-dots dimmadome dealio: I like green, I like purple, I like SA, I like monotone keysets. So here’s what I’m throwing at you today:

See this, I like this picture. It’s got purple, it’s got some green, and it looks like when you’re looking at the rows of a keyboard from the side. Next step:

Option 1

Option 2

I’m looking to make an SA set, specifically Maxkeys which you’d know from the title, and obviously I’ve got to go with the option people prefer if I want the set to succeed.

Set details I’m working on:

  • Kits - I have a rough idea of approximately what compatibility Maxkeys has but I want to hear back from them to see if they have like a chart of everything they have available so I can make the best kit I can.

  • Timeline - Depends on Maxkeys mostly, as well as the color matching process. Both of these colors are matched to RAL samples to be able to get good matches.

I can’t think of anything else right now, but go ahead and vote at https://www.strawpoll.me/16603706 for your preferred color.

Renders done by the ever lovely @amorphous on the discord and more to come once one of the colors is nailed down.

Positive vibes only please.

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I prefer option b but would also be curious how this would look with a more toned down green perhaps even a bit of blue which may jive more with the purple. Cool idea and I’m interested to see where this goes!

I voted. Quick note, in my case what keys are included or available is as important as the colorway (as I like both the colorways)

Like I mentioned, once I’ve heard back from Maxkeys I should be able to start working on a kit for it. Right now zFrontier is contacting them for me, but they did mention that they we’re very responsive last time they reached out, so hopefully that doesn’t develop into an issue for this set or other Maxkeys sets I have planned.

yeah i love this even tho it reminds me of troubled minds. would buy,

I think I’d prefer option b. By me, I mean my wife. Always keeping an eye out for purple based kits for the wife. :eyes:

Option 2 somehow reminds me of the photo of lavender fields more than the first option. I have voted accordingly

Are the green legends the same in both options? I can’t quite tell

Yes, both are using GMK’s color code for AE, which is still my favorite light/lime green.