[IC] MKC75---Price USD99+, Full CNC Case, Three-in-one Structure, Multi-layout, Knobs, Per-Key RGB and Much More Custom Keyboard

Hello everyone,

We are excited to release the first keyboard for the MKC series—MKC75. We have worked on this project for around three months since we do the polling on our channel. And finally, bring it to you all.

MKC series is planned to do some more budget keyboards. We aim to make it affordable and accessible for most customers, enabling truly entry custom keyboards comparable to mass-produced, which can be easily purchased. Therefore, The product positioning of the MKC series is an entry-level customization kit for mass production.

Now, let’s check out the MKC75 together!

MKC75 Renders


  • Supports Caps Lock Indicator Light
  • 100% processed using CNC machining with 6063 aluminum case
  • Compact 75% layout
  • Three-in-one structural design( Top Mount, Plate Gasket Mount and PCB Gasket Mount )
  • Supports tri-mode PCB(Wired, Bluetooth and 2.4ghz)
  • Supports Plate, Half Plate and Plateless Build
  • Supports rotary Knobs components and Light Signs, which are also compatible with JRIS75 Rotary Knob/Badge/LED Light Sign
  • Supports Alu Internal Weight
  • Multiple configurations available
  • 2 x 2200mha large battery capacity
  • Dimensions

MKC75 Specifications

  • Typing angle: 7°
  • Front height: 18.5 mm
  • Material: Full CNC 6063 aluminum
  • Dimension: 320134.433mm
  • Three-in-one Structure: TOP Mount / Plate Gasket Mount / PCB Gasket Mount
  • QMK/VIA Supported(wired)
  • Support PCB stabilizers
  • Unbuilt Weight
    With PVD WEIGHT: 1.693kg
    With Alu WEIGHT: 1.425kg
  • Built Weight
    With PVD WEIGHT: 1.86kg
    With Alu WEIGHT: 1.592kg

Three-in-one Structure

We have adopted a three-in-one structural design for the internal structure, which can support regular positioning plate gaskets, PCB gaskets, and the long-disappeared TOP Mount structure. Thanks to the consistent frame of the compact 75% layout, we can make the three structures perfectly compatible.

  • TOP Mount
  • Plate Gasket Mount
  • PCB Gasket Mount

More than 17 Case colors available

We adopt 17 case color cases and want your ideas for other new colors.

  • 4 E-coat case:E-white, Milky White, Pink, Lilac
  • 6 Anodized Case: Orange, Black, Brown, Grey, Silver, Green
  • 7 color combos case:E-White&Black, Orange&Black, Grey&Black, Silver&Black, Red&Black, Blue&Black, Green&Black

More than 10 Weight colors available

  • 4 Alu Weight: Gold/Silver/Black/Rose Gold
  • 6 PVD SS Weight: Gold/Silver/Black/Blue/Gradient/Chroma

More than 6 PCBs available

  • Wired Flex Cut Hotswap PCB( 1.2mm, Multi Layout, No Per-key RGB, 7u split spacebar,support QMK and VIA )
  • Wired Non-Flex Cut Hotswap PCB(1.6mm, Multi Layout, No Per-key RGB, 7u split spacebar, support QMK and VIA )
  • Wired Solder PCB(1.6mm, Non-Flex Cut, Multi Layout, No Per-key RGB,7u split spacebar,support QMK and VIA )
  • Wired Per-Key RGB Hotswap PCB ( Add-on only,1.6mm, Non-Flex Cut, ANSI Layout, support QMK and VIA )
  • Tri-mode ANSI Hotswap PCB (1.2mm, Non-Flex Cut, No Per-key RGB, support Mykeyclub Software)
  • Tri-mode ISO Hotswap PCB (1.2mm, Non-Flex Cut, No Per-key RGB, support Mykeyclub Software)

Noted: The Tri-mode technical support is provided by IRISLab. Really appreciate their support and help.

More than 7 Plates available

  • Flex Cut Plates: FR4, ALU, Brass (Add-on only)
  • Non-flex Cut Plates: PC, POM
  • Alu and FR4 Half-plate (Add-on only)
  • Plateless

What’s Included in MKC75?

  • Full CNC Aluminum Top case *1
  • Full CNC Aluminum Bottom case *1
  • Weight(Anodized Alu Weight or Stainless steel PVD Weight) *1
  • Internal Alu Weight (Only for the Tri-mode Version Case) *1
  • PCB *1
  • Plateless or Plate *1
  • IXPE Foam *1
  • Poron Case Foam *1
  • Poron Plate Foam *1
  • Type-C Daughterboard with JST Cable *1
  • PCB GAS Silicone Column *12
  • Plate GAS Silicone Sock *18
  • Top mount screw and spacer *12
  • PCB stabilizers o-ring *12
  • Footpad *6
  • Poron case strip *6
  • 1.6mm hex key *1

Gift(will not send make-up or replacements)

  • 1 Pack of Extra Screw
    M2x3mm cylindrical head screw *2
    M2x8mm cylindrical head screw *2
    M3x12mm countersunk screw *2
    M3x6mm countersunk screw *2
  • 2200mha battery (Only for the Tri-mode Version Case) *2
  • Silicone pad of battery compartment (Only for the Tri-mode Version Case) *2

Mykeyclub Team

We feel incredibly grateful for our community’s support. We will keep working to bring creative products and lower the threshold of building everyone’s dream kit for daily use.

Please fill in the MKC75 IC form to share more thoughts and ideas on this project. And join Mykeyclub Discord to share your ideas and discussion on our channel.

Thank you so much.

Best Regards

Mykeyclub Team


Huh, so it’s really going to happen then? that would be awesome.
I was pretty doubtful at first because even the most chinese taobao alu kits cost more than this and offer way less for the money. so if this one is legit that would be pretty amazing and i would probably buy one too, even though i normally don’t really like the layout too much. good luck with the project there, i hope we’ll get to see more projects like this in the future.

I wish you the best of success. If you can hit your planned price point, I’ll buy at least two to build for friends. If you do an ISO version with VIA, maybe more than that.

We were tough to work to make this happen. For example, Design for ease of manufacturing without affecting the structure and prioritize appearance while ensuring the comfort of manufacturing. Please follow us for future details and price updates.

Please follow us for future details and price updates. Thanks