IC: Monolith 60 WKL

Hello all, after being in this hobby for sometime, I have a 60% board project that I would like to make and also curious see who are interested to have this too. This is called the Monolith 60 WKL and see below for more info!

Interest Check Form - https://forms.gle/2PPw9P8rdWcfQmDz8


  • Layout: 60% (WKL only - I just like the aesthetics of it)
  • Mount: Top Mount & O-Ring Mount
  • Case Material: Aluminum 6061
  • Case Colors: Black, Silver, and a fun 3rd color option
  • Plate: Aluminum (Full/Half), FR4 (Full/Half) and PC (Full/Half)
  • Aluminum Plate Colors: Red and Silver
  • PC Plate Colors: Frosted
  • FR4 Plate Color: Black
  • PCB: H60 with Daughterboard and JST cable (Solder only)
  • Typing Angle: 7 Degrees
  • Front Height: 18.5mm
  • Sale Info (Vendor, Price, Units & Date): TBD

Status: Gonna try for 2nd proto soon (update: as of 27 Sep 2021)

1st Proto Pics

Some Renders:

More Renders below:

I have always wanted to create a simple 60% board that looks like this, and inspired by older custom boards for the simplicity. I thought that this board can be something simple, “brutal”, minimal and yet sleek looking with the default colorways set in this tone.

I also wanted this board to have a typing feel that is slightly softer with the o-ring mount. That said, for top mount it can do that too by removing the center top mounting post so the pcb/plate assembly can flex a little towards the center (I like it this way too). Alternatively, we can just go half-plate.

Also, there is no brass weight for this for a more affordable price and portability yet I hope this can be a good quality board without a hefty price tag.


I’m in. Great work buddy!

Thank you. Huge kudos on the recessed cable cutout btw. Please consider cobalt blue for the third color option. That’d be amazing!

Any thoughts on two-tone or a FR plate option?

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Clean and simple. I’m down.

I love the beautiful simplicity of it! What are you hoping to work out with the 2nd prototype? Selfishly, I’d love to see the hotswap H60 as an option but that’s my personal preference sneaking in.

Yeah, I was thinking about it too. Will update the IC!

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Keyboard people talking about new releases as their wallets shrink faster than the sand escapes an open hand

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