[IC] Moonstone and "Shocked by Thock" Desk Mats

Moonstone and “Shocked by Thock” Desk Mats

Hello everyone, we’re Nick (blackriver35) and Greg from Desk Cookies! This is our first time doing an interest check so bare with us for a moment. Today we have three different designs for you all to look at. The first is a new colorway of the popular Moonstone deskmat designed by blackriver35. Before we started our business, Nick had previously created the Moonstone design with different colors and received a lot of feedback around trying some other colorways. So, this time around, he switched up the colors to create a neutral look as well as creating a “V2” design introducing a star-filled sky.

We would love to gather as much feedback as possible and see how everybody feels about these current designs!

IC Form: https://forms.gle/WeCpXS3j9zJGZeKq6


  • 900mm x 400mm (Approximately 35” x 16”)
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Stitched Edges
  • Non-slip Rubber Base
  • EVA Bag Included

We will be the sole vendor of these mats once we proceed with the groupbuy. When we first started the business we only shipped within the United States, however we now ship worldwide!

We would like to thank everybody in advance for your participation and feedback!

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