[ic] mt3 snes


This post is outdated and left for reference purposes.

What is MT3?

MT3 is a fully-sculpted, spherical keycap profile designed by Deskthority and geekhack forum members Matt3o and Photekq in collaboration with Drop. Visit Matt3o’s blog for more info.



SP SA (for comparison)




I don’t know why the title is in lower case… 🤷

Can a mod/admin please change it to “[IC] MT3 SNES”. Thank you!

Edit: I changed the title.

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One of the few things I’ll actually come back to DROP for.


I appreciate that this can be made monochrome if you don’t want to use the accents :+1:

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Sort of… the alphas have purple legends.

Oooh right. I forgot that and looking on mobile I couldn’t tell. Well uh still like the fairly neutral colour palette :sweat_smile:

I like it! Will be keeping an eye on this set :slight_smile:

Loved it since it was an SA IC, love it even more as an MT3 IC

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Very nice keyset!
I still have to wait for MT3 Serika to know if I like the profile, but been fan of SA I think I will like them.
Count me in for the purchase :slight_smile:

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MT3 is :heart:

ABS or PBT? MT3+PBT is endgame for me, but I don’t think they have done reverse dye-sub yet.

Doubleshot ABS.

I don’t think there’s any intention of doing reverse dye-sub for MT3, afaik.

MT3 - check, R5 bottom - check, doubleshot ABS - check. The only thing I would like to add is a homing kit similar to MT3 Serika Homing row kit. But completely understandable if Drop does not want to invest in more molds yet and only focus on getting back the sunk cost spent on Susuwatari.

As it stands I would definitely be in for Alphas, TKL, Accent and OG Gamer pack. Basically to replicate your render hahaha

Oh, Topre style. Well the mold already exists for homing R3. I just haven’t thought of it. I’ll keep it in the back of my head; I was going to say it’s a niche thing, but to my surprise they sold 239 of them.

A monochrome alphas option could be interesting.

I don’t know if people in general are expecting it to be monochrome, from the renders?

I mean there are molds for F and J homing but not sure if the molds for other letters have been made or not - A,S,D, etc.

The render, if not zoom in, is very easily be mistaken for monochrome. Only when I click on the picture then I see the alpha is purple-ish and not gray/black

I see what you mean. Correct me if I’m wrong, but creating the molds for keycap shapes is much more expensive than creating novelty legends. Of course, dye-sub legends are easy peasy.

On the order of several thousand dollars for one keycap shape, versus a negligible cost for novelties (spread over a few hundred kits).

I don’t know the economics and the process but just looking at how long and difficult/costly it was for Susuwatari (I am in that GB) I would understand if Drop doesn’t want to have that headache again for a while haha.

But hey if they are willing to fund it then I would buy that kit in an instant :slight_smile: 18 months wait for Susuwatari has not deterred me yet :smiley:

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I’m really curious about the MT3 profile and I love retro. But this isn’t the colors the snes had in Sweden(Europe?) so no disire from me here. =/

There is a Famicom kit (Gamer pack)…

If we add the monochrome alphas option, then that would essentially be the European version.

I don’t know if it matters, but I find that slightly sculpted works better on the ergo thumb buttons. Maybe R2/3 instead of R5 and R1 on the top two?