[IC] Nebula Switch

IC for the new Prevail x Cobertt Nebula switch is up on Reddit/Geekhack. Making this post a bit shorter, we hope you check it out and fill out the IC form! Any feedback, good or bad is completely welcome.

The Reddit/Geekhack posts have the full information, renders and basic info below.

Renders by Lizcuits
Nebula Switch - Deconstructed
Nebula Switch - Exploded

IC Form

Nebula Switch Information

  • Manufactured by Durock
  • MOQ 100k, price is being finalized but will be between .75-.80c each ($7.50-8.00 per 10 pack)
  • Full milky housing, materials are PC top housing & nylon bottom housing
  • Unique nebula purple colorway, dark purple with very tiny white specks to emulate a nebula seen in space
  • New custom linear stem molds, these will be white POM stems with longer stem pole
  • Durock 67g Progressive springs, manually assembled in the factory so they are oriented correctly
  • Very light factory lube, can be lubed over
  • Prevail Key Co. will be U.S. vendor, other vendors TBA

Love the look of these.

Been looking for something like this since TKC announced the Dragonfruit switch would no longer be progressive. Question about the spring since it looks symmetrical in the renders - does its orientation effect the force curve?


The renders were mostly just to show off how it looks, I’m going to see if the spring and stem can be updated in the render to reflect accurately.

The orientation does matter since the spring coils are tighter on one end. This is what gives progressives their force curve, iirc it’s roughly 8-10g lighter on key press and then the force curve gets exponentially higher from actuation to bottom out.

That’s why we decided on manual spring installation at the factory. Even though it does raise the price, we’re wanting it to be a good stock switch that anyone can use as is (or mod if they want, but appealing to the broad audience).