[IC] Nine-Fox Tr

IC from the Chinese keyboard community:

You can run the text through Google Translate if you want to, but a picture is worth a thousand words:

EDIT: someone already posted on Reddit.


This looks very interesting, especially the add-on for the nipple used in IBM laptops.


I am 100% into this <3

i can’t wait to spend my entire goddamn paycheck for the next two years for this beautiful bastard

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Wow, this is a crazy design! I do really like the ideal, but have my reservations on this actually all working out. If it just split in the middle & you could add the track point module that would be definitely doable. But to split in half, be able to use a track point module, & be able to breakdown from a 75% to 60% seems like a design that can have a ton of failure points. Gonna be interesting to see if this can be pulled off or not!

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Yeah… when I first saw the pictures I was really excited. But now that I think about it… the likelihood of this actually coming through is probably not that great…

I guess is should look for other keyboards instead x3


I mean I think they’ll most likely be able to get it produced & out to people. My concern is how well it’ll work once built & how long it will all stay working.

For those interested, Nine-Fox has created the interest check form on their website.

Though they only mentioned it in a comment reply.

On a side note, they also said the keyboard will only be programable vía their custom software, which I have some concerns about in terms of ease of use and security… But we’ll see! I’ll bite, I’m curious.